Montmartre — beautiful sights of Paris

Montmartre (Monmartre) is one of the most scenic and historic areas of Paris. At its peak is the sacré-cœur Basilica, which offers stunning views of the entire city. Montmartre , many associated with artists and debauchery. First, due to the fact that many famous artists lived in this area, and second, because of Pigalle.


A little history of Montmartre

Archaeological finds indicate that the people settled on the hill of Montmartre still in the Neolithic age. Towers over the valley larger than 5 kilometers in width Montmartre gave an excellent overview and served as an excellent refuge.

In the Gallo-Roman era many gypsum deposits of Montmartre was used as a building material from which constructed many temples of Paris. A. Daudet wrote that»Particle Montmartre there anywhere in Paris…».

The name Montmartre some scientists historians believe derived from «Mons Martis (Mars and others from «Mons Martyrium (the hill of the Holy Martyr)» in honor buried in 272 g. of the Holy Martyr first Bishop of Paris St. Dionysius, who were executed here on the orders of the Roman prefect. According to legend, Dionysius with chopped head in his hands unable to reach the hill, which became known after that of Paris.

Until the 18th century, Montmartre was a small village on the Northern outskirts of Paris. With 1860 he got into the city limits.

Popularity of Montmartre brought artists Impressionists and post-Impressionists, which in the second half of the 19th century began to settle in the area. Here are the cheapest apartments, cafes and restaurants in Paris that were very often poor performers. The house at street Corto 12 at different times lived Auguste Renoir, Emile Bernard, Maurice Utrillo, Raoul Dufy and Suzanne Valadon. The streets and sights of Montmartre can be seen in the paintings of C. Pissarro, A. Sisley, S. Valadon, M. Utrillo, Monet, A. Renoir, V. van Gogh, P. Cezanne and G. Dufy.

Sights Of Montmartre

The main attraction and a real jewel of Montmartre can be called sacré Coeur Basilica (Basilique du Sacre Coeur). This temple was built by the architect Abadi Field, in 1875, in memory of those killed in the war with Prussia in 1871. The building height of 94 meters crowns the hill of Montmartre. Its facade is decorated with bas-reliefs on themes from the gospel and stained glass. To the foot of the Basilica staircase consists of 237 steps.

The Montmartre cemetery is on the West side of the hill, at the address: 20, avenue Rachel. It was opened was opened in 1825. Today its area is 11 hectares and has a capacity of 20 000 graves. buried here, Jacques Offenbach, Theophile Gautier, Amp, Jacques Offenbach, Edmond and Jules Goncourt, Heinrich Heine, Vaslav Nijinsky, Stendhal, Berlioz, Charles Fourier, Delilah, Alexander Dumas and many other celebrities. Due to the large number buried in this place of art, the Montmartre cemetery is called «artistic necropolis».

Located in the heart of Montmartre, the Square Theatre is one of the tourist centers of Paris. It is also called «heart of Montmartre». The surrounding area of the buildings date back to the 18th century. Here once lived Pablo Picasso and Maurice Utrillo. Today, the square is located artists and cartoonists, as well as numerous cafes, restaurants and art galleries.

Pigalle (place Pigalle) Paris is considered the center of entertainment for adults. Here are the Salvador Dali Museum and Museum of eroticism (Musee de l’erotisme). Also in this square you will find plenty of sex shops, strip bars and brothels. In the southern part of the square are shops for musical instruments and equipment.

Boulevard de Clichy (the boulevard de Clichy) became famous as the nightlife centre of Paris. It is located to the West of place Pigalle. In this place is the legendary cabaret «Moulin Rouge» (Moulin Rouge). Types of Boulevard de Clichy can be found in the paintings of the artist van Gogh, who often came with friends to the local cafe «Tambourine». Here lived Jean Leon Gerome, Edgar Degas, William Didier-Pure and Pablo Picasso.

Other attractions in Montmartre is also worth a visit the Museum of Montmartre, cabaret «Agile rabbit», the vineyard of Montmartre, as well as Europe’s largest flea – market in Saint-Ouen.


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