Monochrome style in landscape design — understated luxury

Monochrome style in landscape design - understated luxury

Monochrome style in landscape design is rare due to the complexity of its design. To create a garden that will be a large number of different colors is not so difficult compared to creating a monochromatic garden. This requires identifying all the plants so that they are literally merged with each other.

In order to create countryside in a monochrome style must possess not only knowledge but also experience. To create such a design will help the exclusive design Studio FullHouseDesign. On their website you can find high quality experts, and view finished examples of work that is placed in the portfolio.

Structure of the monochrome garden

Monochrome garden requires careful selection of plants that they match not only in color, but they fit each other in style. While the colors of the gardens are amazing, they can be white, green, red. Correctly put plain garden fascinates with its uniqueness and attracts the views of others.

In addition to its monotony such gardens differ by several levels. The first level is the lowest. There should prevail in plants that bloom from mid-spring to early summer. The second level is plant medium plant flowering which has been in the summer. And the third level is the highest, which will complete flowering throughout the garden.

The choice of location for the garden

When choosing the color of the garden should take into account which side of the site it is located. If the place under monochromatic garden is in the shade, it is better to use white color. It visually lightens the area and expand it. You can use lilies, white tulips, daffodils, peonies. But it can be slightly diluted silver or light blue flowers. The classic option is a combination of white with green. Therefore, it is important to plant flowers and shrubs with different flowering periods, to continuously maintain the white color of the garden.

Also in shady places look great gardens of red, pink or orange flowers. They improve mood, relieve depression, but prolonged observation of these gardens may experience headache or fatigue. Plus, they «steal» the space, visually slimming it. When you create such vivid monochrome gardens are used not only plants, flowers which are painted in bright shades. You can also plant trees, crown or berries which are painted in such colors. For example, it may be a purple Apple, mountain ash, barberry, viburnum. And then when the time of flowering, the gardens will retain their colors.

A monochromatic garden can be done as an accent. For example, to allocate a separate place in the garden, or divide it into several color separating the green «stripes» of plants. Also you shouldn’t think that if a garden is called a monochrome, there is only one color. This is a misconception because in this garden there is a play of contrasts, i.e., bright color amid the green.

An example of a white garden:

Yellow in the garden:

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