Monochrome interior — black on white

Monochrome interior - black on white

As a rule, monochrome interior is the prerogative of the expensive and elite public institutions: prestigious boutiques and restaurants. This is not surprising because the combination of black and white in itself does not attract attention and therefore creates the backdrop for other objects.

For residential design combination of black and white is rarely used: first, it is very difficult to achieve comfort and secondly, the Association with the already mentioned restaurants suggests itself. However, showing the ingenuity and needs using only two colors, you can create a stylish and unusual interior for living quarters.

Style black and white interior

The combination of black and white inherently attractive, but very difficult. The explanation is simple: colors are opposite, and therefore high contrast. What effects can be achieved using the design of the room the colors of the chess Board? To the surprise of many. You can add a mystery, and it is possible to emphasize clean lines. You can make it a graphic and even dramatic!

Black-and-white coloring of the room very well fit into these styles of interior design, as high-tech, minimalism, ethnic style and neo-Baroque.

Obvious detail: these flowers are easy to work with, because the need to combine the shades disappears by itself. However, both colors are difficult and emotional in and of themselves, so the main thing is not to overdo it and come to harmony.

Based on these considerations, the first step should be: to decide which color will dominate in the design, black or white? Here is a start from the size of the room.

For a small space it is better to use for the background white and put on it the black accents. So will visually enlarge the room, filling it with light, as if to «push» the wall and create the effect of spacious room.

Black color, on the contrary, narrows the space. It is better to use in order to allocate any part of the premises, to narrow the room in a certain place, and perhaps even to create an unusual visual effect.

Interesting idea for the walls: black-and-white Wallpaper. At present the market of construction materials you can pick up an acceptable option, and black and white combination won’t look so unusual. Because black and white pictures – it is all familiar and favorite retro!

The lighting system of monochromatic interiors

If the dominant color was set to black, we should pay great attention to the lighting. The room should not be dark and cavernous, and even more uncomfortable place.

In this case, it is best to consider the multilevel system of the world: a few light sources will allow you to play with shadows. If the ceiling is suspended, it is best to mount the lamps at different heights in different functional areas. Will look good floor lamps with large shades.


The furniture should be done in black and white. It is important to consider the shape: it must be simple, concise, geometric. Easy to break so carefully to build a harmony one large and inappropriate objects: for example, luxurious white chair in the Empire style.


But it is not necessary to abandon color! It can be present in accessories. For example, the walls can decorate an old black-and-white photos, and you can hang the work of contemporary graphics – bright and stylish. The framework needs to be concise or luxury – Baroque.

A monochrome environment will allow you to play with textiles: the choice of ornaments is very wide, and look like the fabric will be very effectively.

In the following video you can see an example of the realization of the idea of the monochrome interior.

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