Momondo — independent travel for all

Momondo - independent travel for all

Independent travel often scare people off with its complexity and mass of detail that must be considered. Actually, people are just too lazy to do the selection of tickets, booking of hotels, rental vehicles and routing. As a result, preferring the service of travel agencies and indulging their weaknesses, many are willing to pay twice and even three times more than the actual cost of travel. I want to introduce you a very convenient and practical service for travelers , Momondo that will take care of most problems.

Momondo - independent travel for all 3

Every traveller knows that you must first set a goal to visit one or another place of our wonderful planet, and after that to plan a travel route. As a rule, every great journey requires a long flight, sometimes with transfers. Service Momondo will help to pick up the tickets, requiring you to specify the start and end points, as well as the date. You will be available to airlines rating and such flight options as: cheap, fast, optimal and worst. Using multiple filters you can easily choose the best flights according to your own requirements. You can also choose the type of ticket, buy the ticket in both ends or only one. Here you can define your own location and choose the airline according to its geographical position; to obtain information about the country in which to arrive; to know the average temperature and rainfall at this time of year. All these little things are able to effectively save your own time.

Momondo is not only the site selection of tickets, but a convenient service to travelers in booking hotels, houses and apartments, as well as car rental services. All of this is done in just a few clicks, information is presented in clear and convenient table. All you will need after you leave the website, Momondo is to pack up and mark on the map places of interest to you. Of course, going to travel alone you don’t get insurance from the travel company, but who prevents you insured? Besides, as history shows tourists in Egypt, but this insurance is rather symbolic and psychological, for tourists, not to worry, and the commitment to it is minimal.

Personally, I prefer to travel without the help of travel companies. It saves me from boring walks flock following the guide, no limits in time and movement. I know that better than me nobody cares, than I am!

Momondo - independent travel for all 4

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