Modular furniture from Italy — a guarantee of quality and top style

Modular furniture from Italy - a guarantee of quality and top style

Modular furniture from Italy is a guarantee of quality and top style. Just as man can not do today without air conditioning, mobile phone or Internet my life it is very difficult to imagine without the furniture. Hardly anyone can be surprised by the sofa or bed. But is it possible to create a home suitable interior?

The advantages of Italian modular furniture

The arrangement of the rooms interior design – no longer need to think how it will blend with each other. If you go to a salon of Italian furniture Mobile Art, their specialists will arrive and will model, after which all the furniture will perfectly fit in the interior space, becoming part of it, making one with its other elements. A huge advantage of modular furniture is the large variability of the arrangement of the rooms, as individual modules can be combined in a countless number of times.

Something similar is already closer to the end of the 18th century, it was used in Europe in the aristocracy who sought to decorate their homes in a very special way. Currently, modular furniture is made for rooms of all types. Its founders are experts from Italy. In particular, its special style of interior space, not unlike any other, famous for factory REGENCY. The main material is national nut. It goes beeswax. In addition, its tinted. Solid wood is used for the manufacture of strips, slats and door boxes. Natural veneer used to create the sidewalls and upper lids. On the panel, boiserie and back of furniture is of walnut plywood, which is coated with a sheet of walnut.

The nuances of modular furniture

Doors, in particular, cabinets and boxes that modular furniture is the main element, often play a crucial role when it comes to decorative features and style of the room. Doors are hinged and sliding. A lot of options can be viewed on the website of mobile-art. Is used in their production glass and stained glass. The rounded wall is another typical feature of modular programs. In addition to stained walnut, often paints are used for furniture of different colors, called laccato. Depending on the kind that you need to provide furniture, choose the appropriate furniture Polish.

Another company that attracts the attention of a wide range of services is BUKALOSSI NELLO ARREDA S. R. L. provided by this company is a collection of HILTON’s incredible choice for any dwelling.

In this collection you can see the exquisite stained glass, hand-made style liherty. Their creation took colored Murano glass. In a ceiling shade it is possible to repeat the pattern which was deposited on glass doors and doors of rooms. In addition the program includes a huge selection of showcases, cabinets, library and kitchen furniture. It is possible to choose furniturethat is suitable for video equipment and audio equipment. Suspended ceilings, boiserie panels, grilles for radiators, and flower stands, tables, hangers for clothes, sofas, doors, chairs, Shoe racks, and even bar stools are available featuring a demanding customer. In addition, all represented in the collection can be manufactured in sizes which are required by the customer. Incomparable advantage of modular programmes is that they can be used to create not only a living room or office, but also the kitchen, the nursery, the wardrobe and even the bathroom.

Experts believe that today people have become more demanding about the space in which they live. And the main assistant in the arrangement of this space should be modular furniture.

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