Miss universe 2012 was an American Olivia culpo

Miss universe 2012 was an American Olivia culpo 1


«Miss universe 2012» was an American Olivia culpo. In her profile on the website of the contest «Miss universe 2012″ says that she grew up in Rhode island but her family has four children. The parents of five children are professional musicians. Olivia culpo plays the cello. Among her interests – cinema, museums, concerts and desire to make people laugh.

Miss universe 2012 was an American Olivia culpo


20-year-old beauty dreams of a career in cinema or TV. The ideal of beauty, she considers American actress Audrey Hepburn. American the title of Miss universe got in 1997.

The title of first Vice-miss went to the Filipina Janine Togonon from the Philippines. The five most beautiful girls have got Gabriela Markus from Brazil, Venezuela Sofia Esser, Renee ayris from Australia and Olivia Culp from the United States.

According to tradition the final part of the contest «Miss universe 2012» was held in 3 rounds, namely: swimsuit competition, evening gown and interview. This year the competition was attended by 89 beauties from around the world aged 18 to 27 years.

Ukrainian Anastasia Chernova has not passed this year, even in the Top 16 beauties of the Universe. Although in 2011 the Ukrainian Olesya Stefanko was the first runner-up, and her predecessor Anna Product in 2010 was the third Vice-miss of the contest.

Last year the title of «Miss universe» went to Leila Lopes from Angola, and the Ukrainian Olesya Stefanko took the second place and became Vice-Miss. The winner of the competition will be awarded a diamond and pearl crown with a total value of 270 thousand dollars and a grant of 45 thousand dollars for training in the new York school of film and television.

In the next year, Miss universe will have to devote himself to charity trips around the world, for which she will be paid. In 2012, the competition «Miss universe» debuted contestants from Gabon, Lithuania and Slovenia, but had declined Slovenia.

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