Mirage — a masterly production of ceramic tiles

Mirage - a masterly production of ceramic tiles

The Italian factory Mirage is a skilled manufacture of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles with over four decades of experience. Today, more than one hundred and twenty million square meters of tiles of the trademark Mirage is enclosed on the planet that speaks to the high quality and great popularity of its products. In this article we present to your attention four new collections of tiles that factory, which it will present at Europe’s largest annual international building and interiors exhibition MosBuild 2014.

Factory of ceramic tiles Mirage was founded in 1973 in the town of Pavullo nel Frignano located in the province of Modena. These places have been famous for around the world as the center of ceramic industry in Italy. Almost from the first days of its existence, the main goal of the owners of the factory were the production of high quality products combined with innovative ideas. They decided that standard ceramic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen in sufficient quantity is produced in other industries. For myself, Mirage chose the path of creativity and aesthetic beauty. New collection of ceramic tiles reaffirm this fact.

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