Minimalist kitchen interior

Minimalist kitchen interior

The minimalist interior of the kitchen to use is very appropriate and convenient. As the laconic style of the interior, minimalism eliminates all unnecessary and non-functional. Where else but in the kitchen to use it?! Using the minimalist interior of the kitchen you will be able to create the most comfortable and convenient space for cooking, and for cooking.

Minimalist kitchen interior


The minimalist style in the interior appeared in the early 20th century. Its popularity stems from the emergence of new technologies in the design and the rapid growth of the industry. Replete with luxury European audience took minimalism as a breath of fresh air. In the USSR, this style is widely used as a counterweight to bourgeois pomposity. Perhaps that is why, in the post-Soviet space architecture in the interior is perceived as a relic of the past, because most of the Soviet interior except for minimalism to include the impossible, and then only with great reserve. However, modern minimalism carries the principles of flawlessness in the design of accurate and smooth shapes, lines, strict and straight, precise details, simple colors.

Creating interior kitchen in a minimalist style, you can apply this technique as zoning. To achieve the greatest comfort and functionality, separate kitchen space into three zones – working, dining and passage area. In the working area to prepare meals, it provides a place for storing, preparing and washing food, cooking and distribution of ready meals. All the necessary appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher and gas stove in Odessa buy no problem, I think that in your city too. The dining area is created, only if the area of your kitchen allows you to set it dining room table has a surface that can replace it. Passage area should be such that your movements in the kitchen are not met obstacles.

The whole working surface should be one continuous line, so you can smoothly make any necessary actions. In the case where the dimensions of the kitchen is not possible to meet this condition, you should make the gaps in the places where one ends and another begins action.

Kitchen equipment should be placed in accordance with rule of the «kitchen triangle». It proves that the refrigerator, stove and sink should be located near the square from 4 to 7 sq. meters. This location will save you a lot of energy mistress, who need to move around the kitchen in the process of storage, processing and cooking.

The minimalist interior of the kitchen does not accept any of the patterns and decor. Walls can be decorated with plain plaster or textured Wallpaper. Minimalist main colors are black, white, gray, beige and brown tones. Today, you can find and bright designs, but it is rather the author’s solution than dogma. In minimalism the more popular is the play of light and its gradients. Widely used point lights, shelves, shelving, ceiling and floor. The window in the kitchen is better to make a huge, on the wall. It is desirable to have a picturesque view over Kon. Curtains better to choose flat, like sliding Japanese, Roman blinds or roll curtains.

The kitchen floor should be waterproof and easy to clean. For this you can use materials such as: ceramic tile, linoleum, natural stone, parquet or laminate. To create a visual effect of more space, you can make the floor and lower cabinets of your kitchen is dark and the top light.

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