Mineral water in a person’s life

Mineral water in a person's life

Almost all people know that a person can live without food for almost two months. But without water in three days start to show negative health processes in the body. If you consider that the human body consists of 70% water, blood 80%, without life-giving water we can not do. Recently gaining popularity mineral water, which is abundantly provided in our market. But is it possible to use it on a daily basis? Moreover, often prefer carbonated mineral water.

Mineral water has various healing properties. Natural water is of three types: table, medicinal-table and medicinal. And if the first, you can drink almost everything, and in the other two salt content correspondingly increases. So it should only be applied after consultation with a doctor, because the consequences can have a negative impact on the health of people with kidney disease, heart, stomach. Depending on the amount of minerals and salts in the mineral water necessary to speak about its harm or benefits. So, if it a lot of calcium, is not recommended for use for people with increased blood clotting because the risk of thrombosis.

But the opposite case can be used as a diuretic. When the water contains silicon, it is suitable for older people and is used to treat skin diseases. High radon levels helps with joint problems, thyroid problems, atherosclerosis. Minerals bromine and magnesium have a positive effect in diseases of the nervous system, and the high content of sodium ions promotes digestion. In gynecology mineral water is used for douching in inflammatory processes. Also on its basis are made inhalations for bronchitis and protogenos throat.

It should be noted that the bubbles in the soda forms carbon dioxide. On the one hand, the presence of carbon dioxide improves the stomach normalizes the metabolic processes, so you can use diabetics. On the other hand, the strong saturation stretches the stomach wall in a healthy person, and people who have problems of the gastrointestinal tract, may cause perforation of the ulcer, acute kidney disease and gallbladder.

Today, there is a convenient delivery service water home or office. For example, the company Akvalider, the site aqualeader/pityevaya-kavkazskaya-voda, you can choose your body type of mineral water and regularly to its destination. it is very convenient, because you can forget to buy water, but the company’s managers will always be aware of this and will make sure you don’t die of thirst.

Optimally to take water without gas no more than two glasses a day. Better to do it in the heat, under strong stress and stress, when our body loses a lot of salt and need to restore the balance of minerals.

A good rating has earned mineral water in cosmetics. It helps if you have dry skin, Allergy. Suitable for washing soda, which is at least half an hour was open. Skin after this procedure becomes silky. If a tonic based on mineral water and herbs to use for oily and problem skin, pores are narrowed, reduced greasiness, improves elasticity, wrinkles.

Can hardly be called a mineral water a healthy drink for children. Frequent use of such water leaches calcium from growing children and adolescents. For the same reason it cannot be recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Also contraindicated drink mineral water with a hangover, indigestion and mental illness.

By the way, cooking mineral water is impossible.

In the treatment of various diseases, it should be drunk warmed up to forty degrees is not more than 2-3 weeks. To prevent the course may be repeated after 3-6 months, it is desirable to change the type of water.

Buying mineral water, you need to keep in mind that she, too, has an expiration date. In glass bottles stored up to two years, but a plastic – to one and a half. You should look at the label and take into account the composition of the ions of water as well as its purpose.

And finally. No matter how good and useful was not mineral water – it should not be misused. Our body there is nothing better than plain water. The blood delivers to all corners of the human body nutrients. Water enlivens us, enriches and makes our life more interesting. Don’t forget that life-giving miracle that gave us mother Nature.

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