Microwave: the details of the choice

Microwave, the details of the choice

Microwave – a mandatory attribute of a modern kitchen. On the market today, you can find a wide range of these devices. What to look for when choosing this equipment?


Innovative microwave ovens are built and classic. First when you install require a separate niche of the appropriate size. In addition, from the location of the device will depend on the way of opening its doors. The latter may be hinged or hinged. The second option is appropriate if the equipment will be placed close to walls or furniture.

Grill and conversion

There are three types of microwave technology:

  • solo – classic microwave oven is designed for simple operation – heating up or defrosting food;
  • solo with a grill device which can be used not only to heat and defrost food, but cooking meat, particularly chicken;
  • solo with grill and conversion equipment, replaces the set of features a full oven.

Buy quality microwave on a dedicated resource. Usually, there is a choice in different versions.


From this indicator will depend on the performance of the equipment. If the technique is small in amount that does not exceed 17 liters, an optimal power level of 500-700 watts. More significant figures should be in microwave with grill and conversion. Limits the power in this case is 1000 watts.

The volume

If you bought a microwave oven for heating food, large capacity is not advisable. For these tasks fit model is 17 litres. It is important to keep in mind that the furnaces with the heating elements usable volume is less than the specified in the description. Here some of the space heating unit is designed for grilling. In quartz models, the parameters completely meet the description. Here the heating element is located in the upper part of the body. Family consisting of three people, you can simply microwave the volume up to 17L. If the apartment or house lives 4 people, it is better to give preference to a microwave of not less than 25 L.


Modern microwave ovens are enamel, ceramic, stainless, bioceramic. The choice depends on the use of equipment. For office space or a country house is better to choose a model with enameled covering. Ceramic and bioceramic options suitable for those who often cooks, as they are more easy to care for. Microwave with stainless steel finish you can buy to heat up.


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