Mezzanine shelving systems — expandable composition in height

Mezzanine shelving systems - expandable composition in height

Separately, you can select or multi-level mezzanine racking system. Using the metal racks, the cargo can be placed on multiple levels. Racks can be hinged or with a separate metal base. Additional levels allow more efficient use of warehouse space, saving, thus, to rent

What is your mezzanine racking system?

Nadstroy on shelves, which form the main level, constitutes an additional site. Economic and multi-tiered metal racks stacked type. But the hallmark of the mezzanine is that when working on the composition in order to get the goods from the upper tiers won’t need any special equipment.

Because mezzanine metal shelving tiered, needless to say, the composition must be high. Stored product, small in size, can be stored in large quantity. To ship and store the goods in one place. Because there are many levels, so to withstand the mezzanine design has significant weight.

The design of the tiered rack

Multi-level metal racks are hinged, and they may represent a separate rack. The first can only be installed on existing shelving system (wall to wall existing base), the second represent individual stands, do not require the database – the design elements of other racks.

The shelving system is provided by stairs with handrails required for safe operation. Although mezzanine metal shelving more expensive than usual, but they can significantly reduce leased warehouse space and pay for itself in a short time.

The basis of the multi-tier shelving are support beams made of metal. As material for flooring choose wood, metal mesh or a continuous sheet. Choose the material for flooring based on the weight of the stored goods. The important factor is that the load on these shelves may be long, and therefore this should be considered when choosing the material of the structure. If you purchased the shelving for the warehouse BU, then collect the design very carefully and pay attention to the joints.

Metal mezzanine racks can be equipped with special devices for moving loads small and light. This should be complied with all safety requirements when working at heights. For loading and unloading large cargo a larger mass is used the specialized equipment.

Metal racks should be very stable, well fixed.


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