Metal litter bins. Utilitarian item or art object

Metal litter bins. Utilitarian item or art object

It would seem that absolutely usual thing – garbage. We remember it only in those cases when we need to get rid of garbage. Today on the streets you can see different products of this type, but what is their specificity?

Metal urns are the most efficient way to keep the city clean. They are needed everywhere: in parks, in the yards, near offices, malls, regular streets and so on. From the number of boxes, strange as it sounds, directly affects the quality of life of people the cleaner the city, more comfortable life. They are reliable, aesthetic, practical and durable, so will last you at least 5 years! Company Ceres produces high-quality metal urns, which are not only fully cope with their responsibilities, but not attract too much attention.

There are as usual metal boxes of simple shape, and urns with special design, capable to become a worthy subject of landscaping any street or territory.

Metal, stationary trash bins are bins designed for the improvement of parks, squares, streets, markets, stations and other places where large numbers of people. In order for the urn ideally suited to a designated location, they have different mounting. These products made from metal should not be underestimated, it is always nicer to watch yourself around cleanliness and order than piles of garbage, but let’s not forget that part of it depends on us with you!

Color scheme modern outdoor urns quite diverse, and today, walking around the city, you can meet hundreds of urns of different shapes and all colors of the rainbow!

Almost all metal urns have the option of tipping, which significantly facilitates the process of cleaning them when they are filled. In addition, they are not afraid nor rain, nor snow, nor even fire. Even after the outbreak in the urn after thrown at her butt, it is very easy to put out, clean up and give the original look.

View the product catalog of the company «Ceres» and pick what is right for your needs. Our metal trash cans will not spoil the aesthetics of your site and help keep it clean and tidy. Furthermore, you will find a large selection of metal furniture, which is distinguished by its reliability and durability, and modern technology allows us to create beautiful items that will accentuate the interior!

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