Metal fences — production versions

Metal fences - production versions

We used to be protected from prying eyes – in Russia, the fences are and where you need it and where there is no need. But such a mentality. Often separated area industrial facilities, Parking lots and, of course, suburban areas and country estates. It is about them and will be discussed below.

The average owner of a suburban area seeks to deliver reliable and at the same time cheap fence. In this regard, recently got more and more popular metal fences made of profiled sheet that is tailored to these characteristics. But also frequently used and fences made of mesh netting.

Fences made of profiled sheet

The main element of this fence is a steel sheet, which is given a grading, which gives it rigidity. Usual sheet thickness 0,5-0,55 mm, so it is quite easy. Thus, the profile is reliable, durable, lightweight, and pretty well available, so to install a fence out of it you can quickly, easily and inexpensively. Note that qualitatively fitted and installed such a fence is able to withstand considerable wind loads and other weather conditions, and any other mechanical damage.

The installation of a fence made of metal profile requires concrete pillars of Foundation for a secure and durable Foundation. Usually posts 40×40 installed in increments of 2-2. 5 meters. For strength design are welded to the cross rails, and to ensure the long-term operation is applied fasteners with corrosion-resistant coating and painting with primer.

One of the main advantages of a fence made of profiled sheet is its attractive appearance. Colors and shades are very diverse, so it can satisfy any taste.

In short, these fences are elegant but at the same time perfectly ensure the safety of the site.

Fences made of mesh netting

This design consists of galvanized metal mesh, which is woven between the poles-bases. The fence mesh netting is much cheaper than a metal profile, and any other types of fencing. That is its main advantage, but there are others.

Mesh netting is highly transparent to sunlight, allowing it to reach all corners of your site, even those that are right next to the fence. You don’t have to think about whether there is a shadow on a particular area, all your plants will get enough light.

Ease of installation, reliability and durability are also advantages. Perhaps the only, but significant, drawback is the transparency grid. To hide from curious eyes will not work. razlichn7ye grid options can be viewed on the website sitka/.

The installation of a fence from the grid-rabitsy is about the same as from metal sheets. Without a solid concrete Foundation for the pillars is not enough. The height of the fence is rarely above 1.5 metres.

Forged metal fence

When financial situation allows you to unleash the imagination a stop at the wrought-iron fence. His grace, gallantry and originality will give the site a personality and truly aesthetic appearance. The original design, which often invent themselves the owners of suburban real estate, to identify the protected plot compared to other and will make the fence self-sufficient element of a decor and decoration.

This fence is a series of closely-spaced and gracefully twisted metal rods. The bars can form different patterns and intricacies that in the end turn into a reliable protective construction.

Each of the options considered has its pros and cons, but mostly, perhaps, is the financial component. Proceeding from it is to make a choice.

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