Metal doors — types of structures and selection rules

Metal doors - types of structures and selection rules

In order to choose a reliable metal door, you need to approach this responsibly. Steel entry unit – expensive, but profitable investment. A quality product will become a reliable protection against illegal tampering, to prevent the penetration of noise and extraneous sounds, keep the warmth in the room.

The types of metal doors

All the offered doorscan be divided into 3 main types.

  1. Household. This category includes doors for residential properties and offices. They are distinguished by the use of different materials for the decoration of the panels and the reliability of the protective elements.
  2. Front. Boast original features, stained glass and glass inserts, luxury fittings, locking systems of impeccable quality. They are placed in elite institutions, wishing to show the respectability and solidity of the organization.
  3. Technical. Designed for use in difficult conditions. Not afraid of mechanical influences, temperature extremes and high humidity. They are functional and have high strength. Such a door leaf made of special alloy and covered with protective compounds that prevent corrosion.

You should pay attention to when buying steel products:

  • design features leaf and frame input unit;
  • to these in the documentary Annex manufacturer’s product specifications;
  • the number of protective devices that prevent unauthorized penetration.

By clicking on the link passazhdverei/katalog/metallicheskie-dveri, you will be able to see the entire range of metal doors from leading manufacturers.

Familiarization with the design

The basis of any of a metal door is a frame with internal ribs made of a steel profile. To it by welding attached sheets and loops, which the product is connected to the box. The frame may have an open U-shaped form or be of monolithic construction.

By the use of panels of metal doors are:

  • single sheet;
  • dvuhmetrovye;
  • trailstove.

In the production of steel doors use additional protective elements:

  • trims hide the gap between the door frame and the opening;
  • the locking system, which are divided into mortise, overhead, hinged, and special protection of the plates of metal that covers the lock from external influence;
  • side and top transoms – diverters that prevent bending of the panels when trying to penetrate the housing;
  • its part of the fabric, which stands out and covers the joint between the inner side of the frame and the door, reducing the danger of cracking;
  • anti-theft anchors.

The cavity of the frame to provide acoustic insulation and thermal insulation, filled with modern materials: polyurethane and mineral wool. Not without external seals that cover the gap between the blade and boxes (tape, silicone, foam rubber).

Quality metal doors is not just the «face» of any room, but also guarantee the security and tranquility of their owners.

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