Metal doors – the main advantages of choosing

Metal doors – the main advantages of choosing

We all know that metal doors have a number of advantages and some small disadvantages that are simply not visible to ordinary users. The advantages of such structures include a huge lifespan and excellent performance during operation.

If you have decided to buy a metal door, you can choose from a fairly large lineup.With all this finish option allows you to set the product that will satisfy any taste even the most demanding customer. This is the basis when deciding to install steel doors. The choice we stopped at the «Steel door». The decision proved to be correct, and the company’s products has exceeded all our expectations. The main advantage turned out to be a great technical parameters of these products, which can be found on the portal s-door/.

For us a very important characteristic of metal doors is that it is fairly resistant to break-ins. It’s very noticeable if you compare it with similar products from other material. The company «Steel door» has its own production, and therefore their samples have a high protection class.

It is also known that the company’s products are resistant to fire. If there is an ignition source, this products is able to locate the person from the source of the fire. With all this, each canvas has a specific fire resistance rating. It most commonly is in the range from an hour to six hours. The company has provided us with fire doors of the first category UA1.003.0092888-08. EI-30. It should also be noted that all cladding metal doors have some of the features in the manufacture and later in service. In some embodiments, between the sheets that form the hull and install all kinds of letters insulation (mineral wool, penopropilen and foam plates). These materials significantly improve the thermal insulation characteristics of such products. In our case, in addition to the refractory filling door is further equipped with a gasket, which prevents the spread of combustion products and good thermal insulation material. When we come home after work very tired, and we don’t want to hear extraneous sounds, our metal door create a fairly good soundproofing, which allows us to concentrate on everyday chores in your home.

His choice, we were satisfied. Entrance doors near the metro station, where is located our house, has become a reliable guardian and support. Disadvantages it is almost there. And though a quality product standing many we have never regretted his choice.

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