Mesotherapy — a new word in modern cosmetology


Mesotherapy – a new word in modern cosmetology. In our time, progress in cosmetics has all the chances to keep a good looking skin regardless of age. Plastic surgery is not the only way, we must first experience many other methods that we offer modern medicine.

Why the need for the procedure?

Look good helps daily care that is thorough cleansing of the skin, its hydration and nutrition. To do this, apply creams and masks, but the protective properties of the skin allows nutrients to penetrate into the skin where needed.

Comes to the aid of the procedure, i.e. injection under the skin to a depth of six millimeters, of certain substances or mixtures. It can be vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

Anti-aging mesotherapy

The technique of mesotherapy is used in the following cases:

  • aging skin;
  • age spots;
  • acne;
  • dilated vessels and much more.

This procedure focuses on the local manifestation of the problem, that is specific drug itchy in a certain place. Before the procedure, you should be tested for allergies. To maintain results a course of mesotherapy should be carried out regularly, at least once a year. If to speak about the person, seven sessions (once a week) will be fine, and then need to maintain state on a monthly basis. For the body of the course is ten sessions. To do mesotherapy here virtus/mezoterapiya/.

Unpleasant in mesotherapy, it’s injections and pain are present. Not intolerable, but pleasing and also will not name. Usually applied pain gels. The second trouble is the possibility of appearance of bruises and redness. Bruises on the face can be very noticeable if the doctor accidentally falls into the vessel.

Injection mesotherapy gives the best results, along with other procedures such as contour correction, peeling, Botox injections. A few days after a course of mesotherapy is better to avoid direct sunlight, it is better not to apply cosmetics and not to go to the bath. It is important to remember that mesotherapy course should be from a certified physician that understands how the body acts on the substance or several substances in the syringe. Because it can affect not only the face and the entire body.

Results after a course of mesotherapy

If the main purpose is to get rid of wrinkles, then introduces a substance that promotes the growth of collagen and in three weeks the wrinkle depth will decrease, collagen filled. If the same goal, getting rid of cellulite, then enter the substance breaks down fat. The skin is pricked with a needle, and it causes the improvement of blood circulation. Insertion of the needle, this trauma triggers the healing and growth begins collagen.

There is also a non-injection mesotherapy. This refers to plectrophanes, which helps to introduce cocktails in the deep layers of the skin. Mesotherapy is very useful for the body. The drugs administered during the procedure, a good influence on the entire body, contribute to its purification. Application of mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine – a total of 15 percent among other industries. For example, this method is used in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, spine, rehabilitation of athletes after injuries.

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