Men’s fashion and urban style in the cold season

Men's fashion and urban style in the cold season

Men’s fashion and urban style in the cold season has a lot of nuances you should be aware of each mod. Strange, but increasingly can be seen on the streets of our cities well-groomed, fashionable and fun men of all ages. It is not strange, but unlike the ladies, men are much sensitive to the fashion trends, pay attention to the style and are more demanding of their appearance. Moreover, it is not only about young people, as always, goes separately, we are talking about middle-aged people. Of course, in large cities and in the capital, «fashionistas» are much more than in the provinces, however, the percentage with the total number of inhabitants will be the same.

Modern city men’s style

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the designers who are working towards a «street» style, offering really worn, from a practical point of view, ideas.

Fur coat and floor coat, pants of bright colors, jackets,»bombers», can already be seen everywhere. Completely different in silhouette and details of the images created by the designers quickly found their followers. Some people prefer loose jeans with lots of pockets, someone skinny pants for everyone in the modern fashion trends is their offer.

Also, in the winter, men have coats. Classic and familiar sheepskin changed its appearance, owning a «wolf» Arctic Fox collars and «tails», but Fox fur left almost unchanged, just got easier and a little shortened.

If women have a discrepancy between the proposals of the designers and complex realities of everyday life, men have completely the opposite situation.

Men enthusiastically picked up all the new items. The designers only had time to talk about the thick sweaters coarse, large knitted, designed to highlight the image of being rude, please, in any cinema, restaurant, even in the theater, men of different ages in these things.

Colorful costumes, unusual colors, as well as earlier in the trend. It is not strange, but men are willing to wear cranberry, yellow, green pants, and jackets, it does not look silly, skillfully complementing the image of a bow tie, an electronic tube of unusual design, shoes with elongated lacquer «nose» and so on.

Men’s business clothing style

Separately there is a line of clothing for those who are forced to adhere to the business style. After all, leaving office, the person is on the street, that is his way immediately becomes a valid part of street fashion. And here our men at the height of the stripes, plaid fabric from which to sew casual suit already in the habit, as well in offices are increasingly deep, but bright colors – blue, cherry, reserved, but interesting «mouse» and «swamp» shades. The strong half of humanity are increasingly wearing extremely bright shirts and unusual ties, and fashion designers readily respond by offering new ideas.

Fashionable men’s haircuts and beards

Good mens hairstyle always had a remarkable ability to prorogate appearance of any man. Recently, it was joined by the fashion for beards and mustaches. Trimmers for beard and mustache expert24/EN/catalog/223-dlia_borody_i_vusiv/ everyone can afford to buy. With their help, grooming the head and face is much easier.

Today to make these hairstyles as «Hedgehog», «Boxing» and «poluboks» even at home. They do not require time for styling, because the length of the hair they have no more than 1 centimeter.

Hairstyles for long hair heads the «men’s beam». Combined with a beautiful beard, creates the image of an adventurer, a discoverer, which is so attractive to the weaker sex.

Select the beard, mustache and cut depending on face shape and hair color. Today, the trend of 18-19 century is sideburns, goatee, Suvorov.

Shoes and accessories are an integral part of any costume

This autumn again returned to the streets, cloaks, hats, in combination with umbrellas-canes, leading experts predict the preservation and development of this trend in spring, and given the responsiveness of our men, there is no reason not to trust these forecasts.

And, interestingly, equally sensitive to fashion trends men of all ages, social status and daily activities. Seeing at a crosswalk interesting gentleman, we should not be surprised that he would be a Builder, not a banker. Of course, occupation and income levels play a role, but only affect the price of the thing, not its respectively relevant today images dictated by fashion.

Just glad and shoes our men. Terrible shapeless boots finally gone, replaced by elegant, or rough boots with a variety of colors and styles – unlike most Russian women, Russian men are not afraid of impractical brand of colors.

We should also mention the elderly. Russian pensioners did not fall behind the Europeans willingly wearing fancy pants with lots of pockets, bright jackets, warm and cozy hats with patterns and POM-poms, long Fox fur coat and in General, then, gentlemen of Mature age in the Russian streets can give a head start to our old ladies.

Young people are always more sensitive and, as a rule, young people are not afraid to look unusual and original. Russian boys is no exception, with it should be noted that young people, unlike girls who have personality and taste. Perhaps this is due to in-store offers, maybe with something else, but the fact remains – the boys on Russian city streets demonstrate a stylish, striking, unique images, funny without drifting into bad taste.

Various accessories are also encouraging. Walk into any shop, you can surprising a large number of options of belts, suspenders, gloves, purses and lots more.

Looking out the window into the street or just people watching at a busy intersection inevitably happy for our men, and I want to wish our women to keep up, and to catch up with his cavalry.

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