Men’s and women’s accessories — style rules

Men's and women's accessories - style rules

Men’s and women’s accessories are an important item in our wardrobe. Correctly chosen combination can emphasize the style and mood. Even the most simple clothing, choosing the right accessories can make an amazing outfit. Not only the girls watching their appearance, but men carefully monitor accessories. Everyone wants to look stylish and fashionable.

Men’s accessories – what is it?

Many men pay special attention to their appearance. Even if the husband has many positive qualities, yet women meet on clothes. Sometimes men spinning in front of the mirror longer than women. By choosing the right male enhancement, from ordinary guy to make a solid man. The image of a man is the sum of the parts.

  • The most important accessory a man are watch. But in our modern world, watches are not only to know the time. And perform the role of image. Dear man will go with wristwatches.
  • Men’s belt in General is indispensable for any man, regardless of age. The strap serves to hold the trousers. And yet, the main function of belt is to provide the style and image of men.
  • Fine accessories for men – cufflinks. Wear them on your shirt without buttons. Cufflinks should be in harmony with the clock.
  • When choosing a tie, it needs to blend in with your suit and shirt.
  • From stylish jewellery for men, clips or pins for a tie.
  • Elegant accessory is a purse, it should be for everyone without exception. Since we often use valuables, credit cards, cards. So wallet should be of high quality and reliable.
  • Elegant mens leather bags should also sometimes be present in a man’s suit. Importantly, they do not look too crowded.

Such small details should be in every mens wardrobe that people could Express their importance and individuality. Time does not stand still, and fashion is also moving. Choose men’s accessories the only ones that you will look harmonious.

Women’s accessories – comply with the measure

Unlike menswear, women’s accessories accumulated over the years. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and see what is missing. Emphasized neckline with beads, and here it is ideal way.

The accessory will fit the outfit, the makeup. With a simple way to make an attractive outfit is very easy to learn how to choose and combine. Not necessarily to stand up and direct beauty. Only can apply a few accessories and go for satisfied.

Like clothing, makeup, accessories can help hide certain flaws. But it is not necessary to hang on all jewelry from that you have. Excessive consumption of BRIC-a-brac will be easy to look vulgar and ridiculous.

As for handbags, every woman your taste and color. In the locker room should be at least a couple of different bags. The bags can be of different sizes and shapes:

  • Everyday. It should be roomy. In which case, fit everything you need.
  • Clutch handbag on the way out in the holidays required for cosmetic set.

Women’s wrist watch, give, edgy, and chic. The watch is worn together with bracelets.

Every woman loves bracelets. They can be used to decorate any image. Bracelet comfortable decoration, and most importantly, inexpensive. And in every woman’s wardrobe for all occasions.

Many girls love bright and stylish case for your phone.

Dear girls and women, choose your own style and way. Don’t be afraid to experiment on images. Wish you to be irresistible in any outfit.

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