MDF panels on the walls: the pros and cons

MDF panels on the walls: the pros and cons

Anyone who will repair, try to pick a safe, simple to install and affordable material. This material is MDF boards. The range of panels MDF very large and becoming more and more popular walls these panels. Today the market of building materials offers colorful and with ornament, and relief panels.

MDF as a substitute for natural wood, became so popular that it not only makes mabul, but also used as a finishing material. You can buy it almost any hardware or supermarket here. Before you buy any lining material, it is desirable to have a view of its features of application and operational positive and negative sides, consider them below.

The advantages of MDF panels:

  1. MDF panels is environmentally friendly material, as obtained in the process of dry pressing of wood sawdust. To bond the sawdust use lignin, which is of natural origin.
  2. Panels are very convenient to fix on the wall as well keep the form very strict and have high strength and wear resistance.
  3. Using MDF panels, under them never gets a fungus or mold, and various organic compounds.
  4. The material is resistant to the effects of steam and moisture, as the panels are exposed lamination film or plastic.
  5. Panels are easy to install. Drawing possible to do it yourself, it does not need special skills or tools.
  6. The walls are finished with MDF panels easy to operate. The material is not static, which means that does not attract dust, is allowed wet cleaning.
  7. Panels are very easy to saw, cut, and also they can make all sorts of curved designs.
  8. Decoration of walls by panels MDF will help to save heat, as they have high coefficient of heat conductivity.

Cons of the use of MDF panels:

  1. The raw edges of the panels absorb moisture and swell, which leads to deformity and swelling of the structure. Therefore, to use the panel in a bathroom or kitchen is carefully.
  2. Panel can burst when striking with a fist or a ball. This type of material is unusual elasticity.
  3. The wall, which is perhaps the accumulation of condensate, you can get panels that do not have additional moisture resistance.
  4. Very easy to ignite. All wiring and different cable, it is best to clean up in special boxes. You can also lay a special insulation made from mineral wool.

Before proceeding to the decoration of the walls panels, you need to hold all communications and put them in special boxes. To prevent a fire.

The use of MDF for the walls is an easy and inexpensive way to give the room an original and can even be a sophisticated look.

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