Mattress. The history of mattresses

Mattress. The history of mattresses 10

The mattress can now be found in almost every home. The history of mattresses starts around 77 thousand years old. It is this age of the scientists credited with fossilized mattress found in the cave will Sibudu in Africa. A type of mattress made of grass, straw and leaves.

Despite the wide range of mattresses there are three types of goods: homogeneous, combo and box spring. The entire range can be seen here: the matras-luxe/.

Uniform mattress consists of a single material that is a filler. The most commonly used foam or latex. The next type is characterized by the use of a combination of materials in several layers. These layers differ in density and hardness.

Modern spring mattresses completely replaced the old items with wooden bases.

The history of mattresses is quite long and interesting. The first product which used to sleep, was the mattress. It was a huge bag that was filled with natural materials. Depending on the used filler, the mattress could be firm, soft, hard.

To replace the mattress came featherbeds. This name is derived from the internal content of the product. Mainly with this purpose used the down or feathers. To achieve the density of the mattress, the fabric on the inside of processed yellow wax. Thus, the feathers do not penetrate to the outer side of the mattress. Sometimes used a more complex method of waxing. The wax added to the lye and boiling water. After treatment in this solution the fabric was dried and ironed iron.

Most popular filler such mattresses were feathers and down of geese. A feather-bed spongy, heavy. Feather, on the contrary, are light and resilient.

One of the first mattresses were called sennik. The name comes from the filler. For the basis used canvas, which is characterized by durability, and stuffed with hay or moss. Also used straw or corn leaves.

A separate kind of mattresses was the hair or herbal products. The filler used sea algae or horse hair. Sometimes, in order to reduce the cost of the product, horse hair mixed with sheep wool. As well as alternative filler was made by camel hair.

Fine French mattresses were on the territory of modern Russia in the nineteenth century. They were used, covering spring mattresses. These products were made from serpyanka, for the top layer used the TIC, and the fillers were thin of hair.

Unfortunately, or fortunately nowadays rarely you can find such mattresses, but with a strong desire and the request of the customer materials are available and make this product.

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