Mats: benefits, uses and care

Mats: benefits, uses and care

Tufted mats with rubber base — one of the most popular options to protect the premises from unnecessary garbage, dirty water and dust. Mats are very convenient to use, serve a few years and clean the shoes of incoming visitors by 80%. And it is very convenient because the floor in the room is polluted much more slowly, it needs less frequent washing. Cost savings, and the cleaners are forced to repeat the same manipulation, not so much.

The scope of use of such elements


Mats are used in private houses, before entering the apartment, as well as in many public establishments. This can be shopping centers, administrative and office buildings, cafes and restaurants, theatres — anything. Wherever the flow of people is very large, you can see these products. Their effectiveness has led to such popularity. Also mats the pile is quite soft, non-slip — they are very comfortable and completely safe. Rubber base ensures a good grip with different type of floor covering, including with slippery tiles. And in this case, the security level actually increased.

Benefits pile carpets


Among the main advantages are the following:

  • low price with long service life. Products are around five years if cared for properly. And this despite the quite high terrain. Not investing the most money once in a while you can forget about these problems;
  • efficiency. Specially-designed bristles very well absorbs moisture and dirt. But ordinary dust does not remain on the shoes. Effective removal of contaminants, makes the products relevant in any weather;
  • an aesthetic appearance. Simple, concise and quite pretty, these rugs will not spoil the interior of chamber or hall of the administrative building. This is very important, because in many cases, the design plays a decisive role for the visitor. It is most relevant for marketplaces;
  • the ability to choose colors. The most common options today are brown and gray. This is the most relevant, neutral and versatile shades. They perfectly complement any interior. Thus the mats will be lost in the dirt, as it will merge with the color of pile. On the brighter models of dark stains definitely will be noticeable.

How to care for antisplash mats?

Proper care is a prerequisite for a long service life. The product is very good for removing dirt and water, so they should be thoroughly cleaned. In areas with heavy traffic should be vacuumed every day. Once or twice a week, use a vacuum cleaner and good chemicals.

On large objects when the dimensions are quite large, to implement these recommendations difficult. In such a situation, the mats are not washed, and washed in industrial machines. In this case you need to have a spare set of entryway elements , it will be useful when washed product will be dry. If competently all to think over, good care will not take a lot of time and effort.

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