Mate, or Paraguay tea, an ancient tonic

Mate, or Paraguay tea, an ancient tonic

Few of us can boast of constant cheerfulness, vigor and energy. How would like it!

Where to get energy without hurting health? Tea, coffee? No better mate!

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Mate, or Paraguay tea — tonic with a high content of xanthine, which is made from dried powdered leaves and young shoots of Paraguayan Holly, evergreen tree or shrub.

In appearance the finished Mat is more reminiscent of green tea is a transparent light green infusion with a bright «grassy» aroma. People who are accustomed to tea, Yerba mate, at first glance, it may seem tasteless, but as you use the taste becomes more expressive.

The classic taste of the mate specific, slightly bitter with a light sweet touch that cause the most unexpected Association. Someone says that it is similar to stewed fruit, someone he resembles a hazelnut.

Now on sale you can find many flavored Yerba mate, from classic to strawberry or lemon.

This drink is so nutritious that in using it, you can do without food. Mate often replaced the Indians bread and vegetables.

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The tradition of the use

In Latin American countries, Yerba mate is another destination is the symbol of rest and relaxing communication between close friends. Drinking mate is and business tradition, served at diplomatic receptions, business meetings and social parties. Mate is drunk from the same pitcher with one straw. The pitcher turns like a peace pipe is passed from one participant to another.

Conducting such a procedure is normally the landlord (or the most respected person in this congregation), who pours and takes the first mate is the most distinguished member or guest. After the guest drinks the contents of the jug, master re-top up the boiling water and the pitcher delivers the next important guest. Welding is only updated after the jar will bypass all of the participants drinking mate. In the modern, formal tradition, Yerba mate is brewed and served as a normal coffee or tea in a separate pitcher for each participant of the ceremony.

However, the art of correct preparation of the drink does not have many.

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How to prepare Yerba mate

For cooking and drinking mate uses a special tea set, which consists of a Calabash and bambili. Mate is brewed in a special vessel, the Calabash. Traditional Calabash made from fruit karabasova of wood or a special type of pumpkin. Less common Calabash gourd made of wood or ceramic. A Calabash decorated with ornaments, colorful paintings, burning or scratching.

Consume the tea through a straw with a strainer on the end of the bombilla, which is made of silver, rarely of bone, cane, wood or plastic. In ancient times it was used combined bombili. Example: a straw – made of reeds, and the tea-strainer – silver.

Before you start to use Calabash you need to «spice up». To do this, a Calabash half or a little more sleep mate, pour hot water and leave for 10-12 hours to Calabash filled with the spirit mate, this infusion drink. If you have a Calabash pumpkin, it must be rinsed with clean water and leave out to dry. Dried Calabash is required with the hole facing up so it can «breathe». Dry them in a ventilated, dry place for 10-12 hours, but be sure to dry, otherwise Calabash may get moldy and have to be treated. Treat Calabash as well as revive, with the only difference that in the boiling water add a tablespoon of sugar or honey and leave the Calabash infusion for 10-12 hours. «Revive» the Calabash can also be sweet mate.

Pour into a Calabash Yerba mate from 1/2 to 4/5. Close the hole with your palm and shake the Calabash 3-4 times to small particles on top and subsequently did not score in the bombilla. Moisten the mate with cold water to a state of dense mass. Let sit for a minute or two. Install the bombilla and never remove it. In the process of brewing Yerba mate bombilla not move and do not stir her brew! After that, pour the mate high-pressure hot water, so that the sheet is mixed and uniformly distributed throughout the Calabash. Brewing Yerba mate should be slightly cooled boiled water 60-80°C, then it will remain useful vitamins that boiling water might just destroy.

For those with a sweet mate often put honey or sugar on the bottom of the Calabash, only then go to sleep mate. Sugar can be pre-melted. Sugar or honey can be loaded and bombilla.

Add water in the Mat until a loss of taste. The higher the water temperature, the less brewing stand mate. If after high jet surface of the drink does not foam, all useful items dried up.

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Than helpful mate

The drink has a bracing, tonic effect, stimulates mental and physical activity. Unlike coffee, mate is not raises your heart rate and increases blood pressure.

In Yerba mate contains practically all vitamins and many trace minerals, essential oils, resins, tannins, fruit sugars (glucose and pentose), which determine the specific characteristics of mate as a beverage. The Mat acts as a soft stimulator on physical and mental activity of the person; improves the digestive and excretory systems (a mild laxative and mild diuretic); lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels.(300x224, 9 KB)

In the chemical composition of Yerba mate also contains: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), thiamine (vitamin B), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), xanthine, albumin, glucose, aromatic resin, and more. And it also contains minerals: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sulphates, copper.

Mate is recommended as a means that helps to fight anxiety and depression. It improves mood, increases activity, but it acts softly, while removing symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, emotional instability and irritability. Does not break the sleep cycle. Many people say that they need less time to sleep, after they drank mate. The lack of habituation to the Mat makes it the perfect coffee replacement.

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