Martell — creative advertising of cognac history

Martell - creative advertising of cognac history

Martell , the oldest cognac houses. Creative advertising of cognac has its own style. The style of these advertising companies, you can compare with the taste of cognac Martell. He is graceful, elegant and unique.

Martell – creative advertising of cognac history


According to legend, 300 years ago, a solitary swallow has chosen a beautiful place the Cognac, where the sun generously gives up its heat to the vines. Swallow began to return to the province every spring and gradually acquired the plumage of the Golden-honey color that resembles the color of aged cognac.

Cognac house Martell is one of the oldest in the world. Its history began in 1715 during the reign of the sun king – Louis XIV. It was then twenty-year-old Jean Martell in a beautiful Cognac in South West France opened its own production of brandy Martell.

The founder of the cognac house Martell , Jean (John) Martel was born in Jersey in 1694. At the age of 20 he moved to France, in Cognac where he founded his company. Man, he was strong and vigorous, and in 1721 it was in one of the letters his friends wrote: «I Can no empty boast to say that my company is one of the most successful in these parts…».

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