Marmalade is not only delicious, but also useful!

Marmalade is not only delicious, but also useful!

Marmalade – delicious treat. Love it and the adults and children. Fruity aroma, bright color, taste juicy fruits and berries. Marmalade began to do many years ago in the East. And it is considered to be the ancestor of Turkish delight. Later they began to prepare the marmalade in Europe.

How to invent marmalade?

In France he received as a result of cooking fresh fruit and berries, then turned the jam, it has thickened so that it is cut into strips which later was making candy. Then homemade marmalade changed not only its composition and form, but depending on the countries has varied recipe. A delicacy prepared in different forms and in different recipes.

First, to use the apples and the quinces, but later they began to use oranges. Marmalade is different consistency: thick, viscous, transparent, it can even be spread on bread, to cook a delicious toast for Breakfast.

What is so useful to marmalade?

Few people know that the treat contains in its composition of mineral agar-agar and pectin.

  • Agar-agar is derived from brown algae. It is more useful than animal gelatin. There is a huge plus for vegetarians. Agar-agar is useful for those who have problems with the thyroid gland as it contains iodine. And pectin promotes the excretion of cholesterol.
  • Pectin is used in medicine for diseases of the liver and pancreas. It can even compare with activated charcoal, but that’s from his work he copes much better. As raw materials for pectin production are apples, baskets sunflower and citrus peel.

For ladies of all ages is very important to maintain your figure. Using marmalade you can safely consider him a friend. It is less calories than chocolate and doesn’t contain fat.

People who have problems with blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract it is recommended to chew two cloves of marmalade a day. Eating this delicacy, you will not only bring the body of radionuclides, but also will calm your nerves. Will accelerate the healing process of burns and various other injuries and get rid of atherosclerosis.

You can also find gummies. It is now produced in large scale and in a different form for young children. This jelly contains vitamins and useful amino acids.

The right choice of marmalade

Necessarily choose the marmalade in color, it is important to not be too bright, the brightness depends on how much it colors, please note it needs to be close to natural. Carefully study the composition. Avoid in composition, designations such as, E 120, E 100, E 153, as it is dangerous dyes, they will harm your stomach. Is to buy the marmalade from the manufacturer you know. The right selection and care will surely bring you not only a taste sensation, but good.

Sorry marmalade

Do not forget about the dangers of treats, if you eat it in unlimited quantities. Is wary of marmalade for diabetics due to high sugar content. Unfortunately, at present, the pectin used is not real, it is created artificially, thus it includes chemicals.

In stores on the shelves now a huge selection of different colors, shapes, alluring marmalade in the form of fruits and berries, but used in the production of synthetic fragrances and dyes.

A good marmalade should not stick to the packaging, and gently if you click on it, the form will immediately be restored. Industrial marmalade harmful to health. But there is a way. If you buy the sweetness at the store, you should use it not so often.

But you can eat it without fear, as it is very easy to prepare at home, now you can find a lot of useful recipes and then your health is not threatened. And remember, should always be the measure.

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