Marine style in the interior

Marine style in the interior

Marine style is one of the most «long-playing» styles, because he holds the order of a hundred years, both in clothing and in the interior. Its main color is blue with white and the basic nuances – it’s the old things that have «marine» value and natural wood.

White with blue is usually used in the form of patterns or stripes. For the floor and the furniture we use natural wood.

Among the things that are related to the sea can be identified such as:

  • models of sailing ships;
  • wheels;
  • chests;
  • marine corals.

«Vintage» style is not even in that case, if we add things that are designed for modern design, for example, in the interior marine style you can add modern curtains.

Interior nautical wooden floors (it is fashionable to cover the woven Mat) and white walls. In a marine style furniture is usually characterized by simple, massive and stable forms without any frills – it can be sofas, beds, tables, chairs.

Despite the overall simplicity – in a marine style, all there is a certain elegance that emerges because of the color palette (blue, white), and all (most, at least) materials that use in this type of design is all natural and of good quality. Thanks to the marine style in the interior there is a certain refinement in terms of aesthetics, because when you create this style carefully selected all the details. And to pick up trivia – this is something that requires a special sense of beauty. And stuff just talk a lot about personality, which was engaged in the decoration of the room.

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