Marble fireplace in the interior of your home

Marble fireplace in the interior of your home

Marble fireplace in the interior of any room becomes the Central figure. For a long time the fireplace was only available to the owners of large private houses, but modern technologies allow you to install fireplaces in urban apartments. In this article you will see various options marble fireplaces, as well as options for their placement.

Marble fireplace in the interior of your home


Installing a marble fireplace in the living room, people tend to make the room more presentable and to create a favorable atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The fireplace has long since lost its role as a means of heating, and is more of an aesthetic purpose. Today it is a place where you can gather with the whole family, to socialize or to be alone with my thoughts watching the magical glow of the fire. This property is the fireplace should be taken into account in the zoning of the room where the fireplace is located group.

Speaking of the marble fireplace, I mean a fireplace with a marble portal. To create is made from solid marble fireplaces are now not only feasible, but extremely expensive. As for the stone veneer can also be elected granite or natural stone, but a classic of the genre is a marble.

Surprisingly beautiful look of marble and its high heat resistant qualities make this stone an ideal material for fireplace portals. Marble is a rock composed of calcite CaCO3. It is formed in the earth’s crust from sedimentary limestone rocks by perekristallizatsii under the action of high temperatures, pressures and impacts of various water and gas solutions. There are three types of marble: fine-grained, medium-to coarse-grained varieties. Great colours and amazing plastic properties of this stone allow the designers to create a completely unique style fireplace portals made of marble.

Modern fireplace can be both classic and with the use of gas burners or artificial fire. This fireplace looks great in both classic and contemporary interior, giving it a special glamor and pointing to the good taste of the house owner.

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