Malachite box and its history

Malachite box and its history

Malachite box at all times was considered not just a jewel, a real work of art. These boxes cost much more than the jewels that were hidden in. In this article you will see the beautiful malachite box and learn a lot about them.

Malachite box and its history


The first boxes appeared in the far East countries, China and Japan. At first it was a simple wooden box that was small ornaments and jewelry. With time, craftsmen began to decorate their intricate carvings, inlays, secret departments and a complex castles with secret. As a material for the manufacture of boxes used both wood and metal, stone, porcelain and glass.

Today there are many stores, where to buy jewelry box made of malachite can be anyone. Vintage malachite boxes of 19th and 20th century can be attributed to the subjects of art, therefore, they are respectively. Boxes, created by modern masters, more affordable, but they are not inferior in beauty to their predecessors. if you like tinkering, then you can find a lot of lessons on the topic of manufacturing boxes that are similar in appearance to malachite.

Malachite was especially popular in Russia, where until the 18th century, this stone was considered precious. The magnificence of this stone has no boundaries. Lush green tones of minerals in various combinations with pale green, turquoise and the finest threads almost black in color are the unspeakable beauty of products from malachite. Its beauty admired artists and writers. «The heat from him, like prigrevica sit, and even who you soft pats.» wrote p. P. Bazhov in his book «malachite box».

Due to the fact that the deposits of malachite are sometimes found in different places, as well as its extraordinary magnetic beauty, this stone was attributed to the mass properties. Thus, it is believed that the energy of malachite restores harmony and love. Malachite is used as a children’s talisman warning fright, cramps and toothache. Learn more about the properties of malachite I wrote in the article “malachite – stone and its properties“.

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