Making a fence of corrugated Board on the site

Making a fence of corrugated Board on the site

Making a fence of corrugated Board on the site, is an urgent task for the owners. Because the protective fence is able to protect property from illegal encroachment. Besides, it is perfectly decorated appearance of a residential facility.

Especially attentively it is necessary to choose the material for the boom. It must be easy to processing and installation. In addition, the material must comply with the quality strength and durability.

One such material is a corrugated sheet. This material has ribs, and a special coating, whereby a considerable strength and the ability to use it for quite a long time. To purchase high-quality corrugated Board recommend to contact the official website of steel industrial company, where you will find a full range of the Supreme quality material. Factory «steel industrial company» specializiruetsya on the production of construction and repair materials made of metal, such as siding, metal roofing, decking, façade panels, drainage and ventilation systems as well as flat sheets and various roofing accessories. Huge range of each of the types of products made of SPK, one of the leading suppliers of metal rolling of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. On the website of the company you can always get advice from a qualified professional, as well as learn the addresses of the nearest stores that sell the products of the plant.

Next, razoare guidelines for the construction of a fence of corrugated Board, which produces the plant «steel industrial company».

Preparing for the installation of a fence of corrugated Board

Before the main works in advance to stock up on material for the fence, equipment and tools.

The amount of the desired material is calculated based on the length and height of the alleged boom. Be sure to indicate the location of gates and wickets, plan the mounting location of the support columns. Between such poles should be three-meter distance. You should first prepare a place for work, clean it from unnecessary elements and levelling the land surface.

Technology of construction of the fence

To begin construction of the fence, it is recommended to layout the installation site. For this purpose the extreme ends of the future fence stretch cord and its line, scheduled locations for the installation of supporting pillars. You can apply as a metal pipe with a square cross-section and wooden beams. But it is important to know what is the material of wood is limited in terms of operation.

Using a metal pipe, you need to protect them from corrosion by painting and closing the top by some material to prevent water from getting inside. Pipe diameter should correspond to 75 mm. When using square profile requires a value of the cross section must be within 60 H. 60.

For making holes under the support posts you can use manual drill. The deepening has to reach up to 30 % climb the fence. Next, make the installation of these columns in the recesses and their compaction, or concrete. Preferring compaction can win in value, but choosing the second option, get a more solid hold of the support columns.

For mortar sand is used, cement and crushed stone, respectively in parts 1 to 3:4. To the mixture is added water and kneaded until smooth.

Features of the reference columns:

  1. first, the elements are mounted with the edges, and after pulling the cord sets the other columns;
  2. with the installation of the bars are level or plumb;
  3. only after the concrete has hardened, proceed to further work on the construction of the fence.

Next, reinforce the special jumpers, they are welded or screw bolted to the pillars. In the latter case, there is a need for pre-drilling special holes.

Before installation, sheets of corrugated Board should:

  • – choose the material under the joists. This can be a area of 40 x 40 mm or square tube with a cross section of 40 x 25 mm;
  • – to determine the necessary number of them. You need to consider that at the height of the boom in two meters, you must use at least 2 elements.
  • – re-painting the entire structure to assure the continuation of its operation.

Secure the corrugated sheet to the frame is the final stage of the work. It is better to use special screws, they should be engaged to the frame using the drill or screwdriver. Strengthen the screws on the inner part of the wave of the corrugated sheet. While respecting the distance of 100 – 150 mm.

Equality letters to better control tension of wire.

If necessary, trimming of sheet material produced by the grinder. Work in this case produce safety glasses or goggles. Formed after cutting edge rasp conventional files.

A small gap between the end face of the material and dirt surface, close by the bridge. This transaction will positively affect the durability of the constructed fence.

For accurate and effective construction boom we should not forget about the installation of gates and wickets.

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