Luxury living rooms from Italy – Royal luxury homes

Luxury living rooms from Italy – Royal luxury homes 10

Unique style, quality craftsmanship, using old technologies of wood processing, and precious materials used for the production of amazing sets is what sets Italian furniture manufacturers from domestic. And when you consider that produce products of the best mills of the country, the issue of whether to buy luxury furniture from Italy disappears by itself. So, everything in order.

Eden – luxury living from Gold Confort

Elegant sets of furniture factory Confort from Gold is able to add flavor interior design living room, decorated in either classic and modern styles. Made of natural wood and pastel colours the products embody the luxury of the noble and aristocratic chic. A touch of refinement give a smoothly contoured shape gently curved lines, in harmony with ingenious decorative patterns on expensive leather or textile upholstery. Buttons, carved details, glass elements – those gentle accents, thanks to which each set is unique. Original Italian style embodied in beautiful Eden headset.

Ducale Patinata – Italian chic from Mobil Piu

Charming classics performed Mobil Piu inspires great design in a lush forms and graceful lines, which veiled the features of the Royal style, with its inherent large number of decorative elements: shaped ornaments made of wood, lace carving, gilding and inlay. A traditional range of pastel shades refresh blotches of lilac, purple, yellow. This combination of colors and wood materials will make the interior design of the living original and extravagant. The embodiment of unique traditions Mobil Piu is a beautiful set Ducale Patinata.

AR Arredamenti – luxury living Grand Royal

Aristocratic luxury classic style is reflected in the furniture sets Italian brand AR Arredamenti. Royally chic made of precious solid wood and lavishly decorated with wood carvings, gilding, inlay products. The graceful outlines of the cabinets, chairs, tables, admire the graceful lines and curves with the magnificence of forms. Each set is a work of art, so if you want to buy the furniture in the living room, buy a beautiful Italian kits from AR Arredamenti, for example, executed in beige tones, noble Grand Royal.

Buy luxury Italian furniture is very simple. Going to the shop ItalianExclusive, you will find yourself in high-quality online directory of luxury Italian furniture, where you can choose and book any headsets for the audience. Furniture imported directly from Italy and brought home to the buyer. With us to buy the furniture in the living room from the manufacturer is very simple.

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