Lost in Honolulu — the journey of your dreams

These beautiful postcards on the theme popular in the world of the mystical series LOST, which in Ukrainian is called rent to Stay alive, was created by the designers of the company ABC. They invite everyone to take a trip to the famous island inhabited by a smoke monster, Others are five-toed statue.

If you watched the series LOST, you should know that it was filmed on the island of Oahu, one of the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is the state capital of Honolulu. Most of the events were filmed on the Northern part of the island, on the beach Mokuleia. If you want to visit the jungle in search of Black smoke, without such Hiking footwear, goodtao/subcategory/obuvdlyaaktivnogootdyhaiputeshestviy-otc-246 you can not do. Impenetrable thickets and rocky cliffs – that’s what you have to overcome before you get to the vicinity of the waterfall by Karen and valley Viken, where the shooting took place.

Today, on the island daily tours of the filming locations of the series. For $ 65 you can even buy a round of Lost in Honolulu, which lasts 6 hours. During the tour an experienced guide will tell and show you all the iconic movie locations. The factor of risk of getting lost or put yourself in danger is reduced to almost zero.

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