Loggia as a part of the apartment is an easy way to increase space

Loggia as a part of the apartment is an easy way to increase space

Now practically in each apartment there is a layer of a balcony or loggia. But quite often they are used just like ordinary storerooms where they congregate all the extra stuff. It is often associated with a small area of the apartment, where there are special facilities for the pantry. Lately balconies increasingly used as another living room in the apartment.


In order to turn a loggia in a separate room or part of another room, can not do without redevelopment. But for this you first need to obtain special permission from the relevant authorities. Without this you can not do, as the alterations should be done with caution, that would in any case not to damage load-bearing walls. But in addition, the processing of the loggia is quite difficult because of the need to solve the issue of holding back the lighting and especially heating. In General, there will be many problems in obtaining all permits, including fire and sanitary-epidemiological supervision.

Finishing loggias

Even when redevelopment can not do without the glazing of the loggia. Here can be two options.

Simple incorporation of glass will help to protect the premises against rain, snow and other precipitation, but not much will improve insulation. If you have decided to make the premises of residential, here one cannot do without Windows. Besides, you will need to insulate as the walls, floor and ceiling. Windows you can select any of: wooden, aluminum or plastic. It all depends on the preferences of the owner. In any case it is impossible to build a new parapet made of heavy materials such as brick. It is best to use the existing parapet, or in extreme cases, build new ones, but of the same material. For insulation, the most commonly used Styrofoam. This material is good because it does not rot, has good steam — and waterproofing, in addition, it is very simple to install. On the surface easy to apply plaster or tiles. For floor insulation it is better to use tougher materials, as on top of it will fall cement layer. As to the loggia it is prohibited to display the radiators, the question of insulation is key. So you should think through this question in advance, before the start of work. For example, you can include Underfloor heating systems, or install convectors.

The ceiling and walls on top of the heater it is better to sheathe gipsokarton. This versatile material. On it then you can put the Wallpaper or arrange the panels. The floor finish as well at the discretion of the host: linoleum, tile, laminate or even carpet.

For integrity it is better suited to polyurethane foam. All work is best done in warm weather but not too hot, and preferably windless. It is necessary to improve the properties of the materials used.

Methods of use

Most often redevelopment venture with the aim to make the loggia a separate room in the apartment or make it part of an adjoining room. It is usually characteristic of owners of small apartments who want to somehow expand the space. Although there are times when after all these cash costs and the time spent renewed loggia and is a common pantry.

You can arrange on the balcony a simple room to relax in after a hard day’s work. A lot of this need a few small chairs, small table, compact wardrobe. If the room allows, it is possible to consider more practical options for the situation – a small sofa or large wicker chairs, a rack with shelves. It is possible to make the loggia a beautiful office.

Quite often a loggia is combined with kitchen. It is possible to equip the inner parapet in the bar, and the space of the loggia to use as a dining room. But there are many other ways to use the balcony. The main thing here is to unleash the imagination.

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