Living room in modern style — to create beauty and harmony in the interior

Living room in modern style - to create beauty and harmony in the interior

Living room in modern style is a natural beauty and harmony in the interior. With modern style you can create beautiful and original interiors that look fresh and fashionable in any time.

Features of the art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau was most popular in the late 18th century. During this period, we see curved shapes and flowing lines in the interior — from furniture to plants. Living room designed in this style, meet all the requirements of modern life — they are both very comfortable, functional and elegant, presenting the refined taste of its owner.

Modern best points in the indoor space even if the room is not very big. This style is close to the nature, he takes her all the best, mixes it with modern trends of science and turns it into amazing shapes, which on the one hand to surprise and amaze, and the other attract.

Prepare the living room in modern style

Living rooms modern popular use of ornaments. Colors for the living room, like other rooms in this style — mostly pastel, but can be used and bright, flashy. Very often you can find plain walls a light color, which shows the bright floral ornaments.

The living room should be decorated so that there was some understatement, was a mystery to all, including the hosts apartment. This is done by adding in any interior parts or elements of the situation, an appointment which is difficult to define and each understands in his own way.

To the interior was really harmonious, you need to seriously consider the existence of every detail in it, its combined with other things. Important in this case not only the shape but also the material and color. As floor coverings are best suited flooring or parquet from natural wood, and the interior will be more environmentally friendly and creates a feeling of unity with nature. The ceiling should be a light shade, you can add some unobtrusive items in the form of a picture or ornament. The walls are often made also a light color, or monochrome, or with a textured pattern or natural pattern or vertical stripes.

The selection of furniture is a laborious process, it must be combined with walls and floors, but at the same time not to overwhelm them. It is better to use the furniture on a thin, curved legs, with a lot of glass and mirrors, furniture — thin, with smooth and graceful lines, allowed the presence of stained glass. Lately encouraged the use of furniture with wrought-iron details, and even better all combined, for example, to put the table on wrought iron legs and mirrored surface or to hang the picture in wrought iron frame.

Not the last role is played by the lighting — it is better suited to dim lights, modern sconces in the form of flowers or buds, light. To complete the picture can accessories — vase from the antique store, the statue, etc.

Details about art Nouveau you can see from the following video:

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