Living room furniture from Italy — beauty and comfort in your home


Traditionally, society has the impression that living room furniture from Europe comes in the best quality. In particular, a leading country for many years is Italy, its furniture factory – large and small – produce wooden products with unique design. They are used in luxurious homes and are not just an addition to luxury but main factor. And popular headset for the living room, to make them in the workshops using technology and the secrets of processing, which are passed from generation to generation for several centuries.

Italian model kitchens, closets, hallways, beds, operating rooms delight professional and Amateur creativity. In recent years, the range of many Italian suppliers has been enriched with new options in the hi-tech styles, modern, minimalist.

Features and benefits of living room furniture from Italy

Among the main advantages of Italian furniture for living room can highlight the following:

  • ergonomics and harmonious combination of soft interior with freestanding models – the result of a competent layout designer managed to create a cozy and informal atmosphere in the room relaxing and socializing;
  • environmentally friendly – by keeping age-old traditions and use of natural raw materials furniture does not pose a threat to human health;
  • long service life – high quality processing and the use of innovative technologies to coatings manufacturers can significantly extend the operation time of furniture that retains a presentable appearance.

Why Italian living in Moscow, bought on Luchetta

In the online store Luchetta – visitors are introduced to the original model sets for living room from Italy. They have a sophisticated design and elaborate the smallest detail. Designers who participated in the development of projects that have demonstrated the highest level of creative possibilities and have tried to create really comfortable and beautiful products.

The store provides a comfortable environment for customers, furniture are presented in various categories, the model divided into classes and manufacturers. The store offers delivery, including purchase in the amount of 500 thousand rubles. In the directory there are always new arrivals, they are easier to learn on a specially created page. To ensure the safety of customer funds on the website has developed a unique encryption system.

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