Little things in the interior — design tweaks

Little things in the interior - design tweaks

Often, things are being built. In fact, here, as in the song: «one plate, two plate – will be a ladder»! Here and in the interior. After all, if you remove the little thingsthat complement the interior, what remains? Will remain bleak house! The house in which there is no interior, it looks empty and not lived in, like a window without curtains and flowers. To make it more fun and more comfortable, you need to add to it. And then the question arises, why?

The smells in the apartment

Let’s start with the fact that the apartment should be a pleasant smell is the first thing you need to take care of. This effect can be achieved in different ways, for example: drop fragrance oil (very nice sweet Mandarin orange, cinnamon or lavender) on the pebbles and lay out on the corners in the apartment, or to drop a little perfume on the light bulb (if the heat will come out the smell). Or during cleaning you can moisten a cotton swab with your favorite perfume and suck into the vacuum cleaner (apartment will be filled with a favorite flavor). You can also make your own sachets and put in glass vases, you can buy various incense, candle or aroma lamp. And for the lazy shop Windows are always full of air fresheners that are always ready to fill your home with fragrance.

The arrangement of the hallway

Then, of course there is a entrance hall, which is the face of any house. Often enough Mat. But! How much easier it becomes, place you seat cabinets pads (multi-colored), they liven up the room. Or boxes for small items (it is possible even to hang and place), in these boxes you can store seasonal clothes (scarves, shawls, gloves, caps). A great addition in the hallway becomes the umbrella stand, it adds elegance. Decorative shelves, vases (small and large), different lamps will add comfort. If desired, and paintings of Venice hang or a family collage.

Accessories for living room

The living room needs to have a rest. It simply has to be comfortable, clean. Depending on the style, lighting and color of the room, choose the material and color of the curtains. Visually enlarge a room, light colors and Windows can make a striking accent. Also here you can use decorative pillows in different colors. BUT! Not all different colors, all bright in one or two colors, avoid too much color. Observe the harmonious combination of colors to not get that pillow wine color stands out from the cushions of, say, light green. If you have a coffee table, it can be decorated with flowers (natural and artificial). You can also fill a glass vase with sprigs of trees, nuts, candy or fruit. All this will add lightness and iridescence of the room. The carpet and give a cosiness to a room.

Paintings, mirrors will decorate the room (it can be more things). Very family looks like a shelf or shelves with Souvenirs (Souvenirs can be brought from the rest, and donated to someone close to them). Photo frames an integral part of the living room, so you introduce your guests with your life, remember interesting moments. Not uncommon, the creation of the family tree directly on the wall in the living room, looks original, and sincere.

Decorate interior bedroom

In the bedroom the most important element is the bed, it is the first impression of the room. Warmest perceived beds made soft with blankets, as if the air texture. Above the bed hang shelves (books, Souvenirs), paintings, Oriental fan. A lovely, gentle solution to getting a canopy (very bright rooms). It protects from bright light and midges, as well as gives a feeling of extraordinary lightness, as if you are in the clouds. At the foot of the bed look good couches and dressers. But if the bed is equipped with a lifting mechanism or drawers, these designs will look great along the wall. Dressing tables and bedside tables, decorated with lamps, candles, frames or decorative elements give the bedroom a habitable form. Carpets or rugs add visual warmth (you can use any materials or do yourself). And, of course, mirrors will bring light and airiness to any bedroom.

Choose the «small stuff» dilute the bright colors of their homes, create comfort. So you can enjoy all this and relax after hard working days.

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