Like dressing in Bohemian style do to look stylish?

Like dressing in Bohemian style do to look stylish?

Like dressing in Bohemian style do to look stylish? You must have excellent taste, not just to combine incongruous and look decent and attractive. To wear a fur Cape on a loose linen dress and not look ridiculous. In addition, pick up accessories and shoes of the style. It would seem that there is nothing difficult. It is enough to choose the wrong things to each other and abide by the rules of layering. It is not necessary to put on all the clothes from the wardrobe, adhering to this rule. To understand what things really are not so suited to each other that their combination with each other presented a Boho style, not everyone can.

The concept of Boho in clothing

Today, this style represents the diversity of cultures. In addition, the Boho — this blatant femininity that never goes out of fashion every season. You need to take a little from all styles and not become a Gypsy or a hippie or vintage beauty. Everything should be balanced. The harmony of color, personality, spirit and inner freedom. Slim dress, three-dimensional shoes and straw hat needs to be a holistic way. Much used in Boho style knitted handmade products. Especially lucky in that those women who can create beauty with their hands. You can also sew by hand and make accessories.

Anyone who likes len shop Linenmos offers to choose the dress, pants or something else from this wonderful natural material.

Despite the fact that jewelry, clothes, ornaments are mainly large and in some cases huge Boho style can not be called a screaming, defiant. Rather intriguing, mysterious, attractive. So you can’t overdo the combination of bright colors, not to become like a member of a circus performance.

Who can wear Boho style?

If you have a sense of proportion and good taste to dress in the style Boho can even ladies of Mature age, not only young romantic ladies. Boho gives you the ability to not feel your age, forget about it. This style is dressed and the famous actor johnny Depp. So men should also adopt this style, although it is initially female.

If you don’t want to look sloppy it is desirable that the clothes were of expensive natural fabrics. If you can not purchase such clothing, you can dig with my grandmother in the chest or to visit the shop second hand.

People dressed in Bohemian style, look fabulous and fascinating. Dressing casually does not mean dressing in Bohemian style. Look is free and unpredictable — that is the aim of supporters of this style.

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