Lighting on the balcony to create more comfort


Lighting on the balcony is required only if the balcony insulated and glazed. A well-maintained balcony can bring additional feet of living space where you can put a place to stay. For starters, the room is necessary to properly conduct electricity.

Lighting balcony: options

Set a goal to make the lighting on the balcony first thing you need to decide what kind of light here would be most appropriate and to decide on the method of installation of lighting devices.

There are the following types of interior light:

  • straight;
  • absent-minded;
  • reflects.

With direct light you will be able to divide the space into zones, or to focus on one area of your balcony. Diffused light will create a cozy atmosphere, and reflects, to expand the space.

Depending on what the purpose will be to perform a lighting device, there are different mounting options lighting:

  • ceiling light;
  • suspended;
  • wall;
  • table.

How to conduct a lighting on the balcony

To make the lighting on the balcony – not an easy task, because the balcony is not an ordinary room, and a separate room. Before carrying out to take care of the security for electricity on the balcony was not the cause of network congestion. Therefore, for the wiring it is advisable to hire a professional electrician, if there is a question of economy, it is necessary to obtain competent advice and thorough preparation.

Connect the wiring to sockets, but this is not desirable, the best option will connect to the junction box, which should be in every home. The cable can be routed behind the furniture if the furniture is not present, it is perfectly placed behind the baseboard. If the cable is not to hide behind the plinth, the risk of damage will increase. To install the appliance should be not less than one meter from the floor. Remains to hold the wires to the switch and to configure everything. Also must be grounded all wiring to increase safety performance.

The choice of lights for balcony

The most interesting part in conducting electricity on the balcony, is the selection of lighting fixtures. For a balcony it is better to opt for small lamps or use the led strip which will be illuminated every corner of the balcony or loggia. Details about RGB led strip, typically placed on sites where they are sold. Led lighting also saves energy. A diverse selection of led strips in color, will help to bring a lot of ideas and make life more colorful and comfortable.

Good luck in choosing fixtures and remember – safety first.

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