Lighting, as a pledge of comfort in the apartment

Lighting, as a pledge of comfort in the apartment

Lighting, as a pledge of comfort in the apartment plays a very important role. What role colour and light play in our lives? Modernity rhythmic and tiring. We are all rush, rush, rush. Must be the place, «area» where our body and mind can rest and gain strength to again rush to catch up.

Talk about light! To be more precise about lighting

In the middle of the ceiling hang chandeliers awkward shape, stingy, monotonous wall and floor lamps in the past. Interior design thought out to light. Functionality, emotion, beauty and even increase the space, it could be solved with the help of a competent lighting.

Space zoning

No one is talking about cancelling the chandeliers. It must be present. How nice to gather the whole family around a big table to eat and share news. And even in a small living room, a chandelierhanging in the center of the table, will make each meeting special, filled with light and warmth.

To read books is to purchase a floor lamp on a stand with tilt and brightness changes, the color of bulb is better to choose warm white to your eyes are not tired. Very impressive will look ceiling lights around the perimeter. Color, form and methods of illumination can be completely different. But this lighting gives you the opportunity to comfortably watch movies and just relax.

Very interesting idea of lighting furniture. This creates lightness, enhances the space and can serve as a night lamp when children are present. Definitely is in harmony with the chandelier to provide buy wall lighting sconces.

The paintings that hang on the wall, also need a backlight. And even if all of the following types of lighting will be in the same room, believe me, it won’t spoil her. Each lamp included separately to emphasize a particular area of space. Configure the desired fashion. Change the color sense as a whole and separately.

The choice of lighting is great! If not to say grandiose. But you need to remember that you should stick to one style. So, for the modernist, the best option will be compact chandeliers or pendants, sconces, modern, straight lines, light colors and always rounded.

Style classic

For lighting mainly uses crystal or brass chandeliers with shades made of natural stone, expensive glass. At all walls fixtures in the same style. Candle sconces make the interior even more elegant.

The style came to us from Paris – Art Deco

Lighting Art Deco is given high priority. Clearly this style looks in the evening light. Large chandeliers with an incredible number of lamps made of crystal, that’s the most appropriate! Sconces, lamps and candles, in moderation, will decorate and give personality to the interior.


In this style the emphasis is on the modeling of space and light. Premises where there is a lot of light and scattered light, with bright and iridescent walls, ceilings that glow, creates the presence of fullness of air and space. The style of the large Windows. You can safely mount the suspension system of halogen lamps, shelves and niches. It should also pick up some lighting for the work area.

It is important to determine the style that you like and suits you and your family and remember, if something is not to your liking, then do not be afraid to mix styles, the main thing that everyone was comfortable. And then your house will attract friends and good fortune with prosperity.

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