Lengths of wood — versatile material

Lengths of wood - a versatile material

Lengths of wood are very popular in the world of finishing materials. It inexhaustible possibilities in the design of interiors, make a new contribution to the history of design. Naturalness, accuracy, consistency – these features make the interior unforgettable. The wood is sanded, painted, patina is applied, it is malleable and unpretentious. This natural material can be used in different rooms, regardless of size and destination. In the bedroom or in the kitchen, no one will refuse to have the wood surface is beautifully embedded in the design of residential space.

Wooden moldings in wet areas

To date, canadian cedar for the bath and sauna is widely used in the finishing of wet areas with high temperatures. Cedar wood emits volatile organic compounds (phytoncides), possessing great germicidal power. Thus, the procedure of cleansing in the bath, will have the maximum therapeutic effect.

Cedar is an expensive material, but this makes it one of the best. After special heat-treatment, which removes excess resin, cedar paint, making the surface of the Board smooth. Long grained cedar wood, the interior decoration of the baths or rooms, looks great. Due to its low density, wood wood has a high insulation properties, it is light weight and easy installation.

What to consider when choosing wood?

Before you buy hardwood mouldings in Moscow, you need to pay attention to the hardness of the wood: soft wood well suited for interior and solid for outer cladding of buildings. If the wood gets in the room with high humidity, prefer non-decaying species. All kinds of small wooden items will make the interior complete and harmonious, their use is essential.

When choosing wood, carefully inspect the quality of the product, to avoid even minor bumps. It is also important to ensure the integrity of the connections, it is necessary to try to connect some parts and to check the reliability of fasteners. Mouldings pine is lightweight and durable (unlike hardwood), simply processed and available. A large assortment of finishing materials is made of oak wood. During processing, the oak is treated with chemicals and preservatives that will preserve it from moisture.

Before selecting wood mouldings for construction, stop your choice on a quality and reliable seller. Professional approach to selection of material, will allow to avoid many errors that will make a sound.

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