LEICA X3 — new fashionable concept

LEICA X3 - Novi Modni concept

LEICA – the brand makes tremble the hearts of all photographers in the world. A hundred years ago was created the first model of the LEICA cameras are shot on 35 mm film, allowing to use frames with a size of 24×36 mm Recently, the designer Vincent Säll (Vincent Sell) unveiled a concept camera of LEICA X3that is similar to monocle.

LEICA X3 – new fashionable concept

Leica X3-new-DJ-fashion-DJ-concept-6

LEICA cameras are valued primarily image quality and reliability. New LEICA X3 is more a gadget than a camera. It has all the necessary functions, easily connects to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. Of course, those who prefer SLR cameras, this «soap» not like this, but the trendy hipsters at the time! No wonder its shaped like a monocle, without which no dandy of Europe of the 19th century could not imagine his costume. The LEICA X3 is activated when you move one of its parts. The choice you are provided with manual and automatic control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. This concept is the camera LEICA is not for professionals, but for sociable people who love to share with the world around them.

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