Layout of living — four zones and their design

Four zones in the living room and their design

If you are planning a living room, be sure to consider the size of furniture and its position in the room. This should be done in such a way as to create comfort and coziness in the living room and to divide the space, so it easily could be several people, not bothering with each other.

In decorating a living room is better to use light materials. It is desirable that the room was bright and Sunny. Any living room is divided into four functional zones.

The first zone is the place which is occupied by furniture and other furnishings. You can buy furniture from Italy online shop, or make it to order. As long as it did not overload the interior, taking all the attention on himself

The second is the area of use of these items. Here you need to consider the usability of the furniture and other equipment in the room. You need to put it so that it was convenient to use. Thus, you can avoid constant folding need to work things. We must remember that the workplace is in any case should not be at the crossroads of communications inside the room.

The third zone is the zone of the above-mentioned communications. To identify these communications, you have to mentally pave the way of passage between the door of the room. Also it is better not to block the aisle to the window. You also need to understand which object a living is necessary and possible to organize to this object for easy access. It is not necessary to isolate the main space of the room with various things blocking the path of travel.

The fourth area is free space of your living room. It is desirable that this space was a lot, so try to increase it. This is especially important if the room is so small that quite often. The furniture need to be placed compactly and functionally. If you are installing furniture in the room, make sure that you had the opportunity to face the wall. From this it follows that it would be much better to install the chair on the outside of the table, not between the wall and the table. There is a place that is designed to perform actions will be adjacent to the free space of the room. When you’re done, you can remove the chair and thus increase the free space in your living room. In this case it is especially advantageous to use collapsible furniture, it will help you to free up space.

Such furniture cabinets, bookcases, and other dimensional pieces of furniture you can put a Peninsula in the middle of the room. Thus, you can use furniture with two sides. Tightly arranged furniture not only frees up space in the room, but enhances it.

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