Landscape design with their hands — useful tips

Landscape design with their hands - useful tips

Landscape design with their hands it seems to much difficult and impossible. In this article you will find some simple and practical tips that will help you create the landscape design of suburban area or a private house, without the help of professionals.

Since time immemorial people tend to surround yourself with comfort and aesthetics. Millennia have passed and absolutely nothing has changed, except that the approach became more serious, calculated and, strangely enough, available. Historically, much of the population lives in cities, but almost everyone wants to find their comfort zone, and usually it is far away from the city dust, hustle and stairwells.

No matter, the three-storey stone cottage you have, or wooden house on two acres – registration of your section will do every and then a dilemma is to contact the firm or designer, doing landscaping, or to resolve such an important for the body and soul question about landscape design on your own. Find a good designer quite difficult, usually expensive, and much nicer to bring individuals, children, and grandchildren, on the site, designed and ordered their own hands. If you chose the second option – start landscaping design, beat bumps, hollows, irregularities, presence of trees, stones and the like, if the presence of those or other landscape features do not fit into the final vision of the design dispose of them as quickly as possible. By the way, to make adjustments to the irregularities and structures it is better in the middle of spring – the earth is warming up and the planting season is the opportunity to have time.

Landscape design begins with the fact that it is necessary to divide the area into zones – area for children, a pool or pond, for dining with family outdoors for future buildings. It is very important take into account the peculiarities of local climate, soil and topology of the plot that further landscaping will provide an easy to care for plants. After the fence is put, a bathhouse was built, the site landscaped, and the pond has settled fish – proceed to the planning stage and paving. Based on the final vision of garden design, pick the material, shape, texture, color and pattern coating. After paving there comes a time when you can plunge into the world of beauty, colors and smells, the time of landscaping. Speaking of paint – with all the responsibility and care come to the question of the Floristics of the site, consider the features of flowering seasonal plants, their height and features of wintering.

To make flower beds, flower beds, gardens in different ways and using different materials, whether an Alpine slide, lined with rocks and limestone tiles found on the property, roses, peonies, surrounded by a woven vine fence or wrought iron fence, purchased from a craftsman. In any case, you should not forget to sustain the style of landscape design and to take into account the durability of materials. It has become fashionable to use sometimes the most incredible details and appropriate and fit in with the surrounding splendor. For example, place a bed can be in the form of «abandoned cart» or to plant flowers with a small rhizome in a rotten tree stump, and not uprooted from the land. Be creative, get inspired and don’t forget that the landscaping project requires not only receive aesthetic pleasure from the result, but also verified the following functionality and convenience.

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