Laminated Windows for special interior

Laminated Windows for special interior

Today are widely demanded plastic laminated Windows, which are covered by a special film with a decorative coating. These profiles were produced by Rehau and are called laminated. This technology allowed us to create plastic Windows of various colouring, as shades of the film are now very many, ranging from office and strict, and ending with bright color.

The types of laminating film profiles

Installing laminated plastic window, you need to know about their functions. There are several types of this technology that allows you to implement a lot of ideas. One-sided window can be internal, where the external side of the window white or brown, and the inside has a shade of the desired color or appearance – in this case window laminated film on the outside, to ensure that the window does not spoil the external appearance of the building ( often in country houses, cottages). Bilateral Windows are treated with a film on both sides, often used for residential premises and offices. The basis for profile lamination can be both white and brown. For one-sided lamination use standard white profile. If you need a custom color, you should see all the flowers, as if opening the box will see the internal color profile.

Film — material laminating

Coating for lamination that is a film of several layers. It supports colored acrylic substance of a certain color. It attaches and holds the color, and also protects the profile against excessive heating. For the transparent top layer there are used special substances that give the film a luster and glossiness, as well as resist exposure to the atmosphere. In result of thermal treatment of all the film layers, the adhesive and the profile merge and a homogeneous structure.

The advantages of laminated plastic Windows

Today, choosing between wooden and plastic Windows, prefer the latter. In the case of laminated profile, its benefits are undeniable. The warranty on coatings is 20 years so that the color will remain unchanged:

  • the film perfectly withstands various mechanical influences — it’s impossible to break or scratch;
  • characterized by high resistance to adverse weather conditions, perfectly withstands large temperature changes;
  • water-resistant up to any rain, and also to ultraviolet radiation;
  • wide range of colors allows to choose the desired color of the film.

Laminated Windows in the interior

Wish to choose plastic Windows Ufa is ready to offer quality products with lamination. You can be sure that the interior of the house will be finished in the required colours that will make the room more aesthetic and style. Film for lamination of windowallows you to create a frame similar to the tree structure. The film conveys all the colour nuances of the wood and its texture when touched. You can also select the film in monochrome color, with the effect of roughness. These Windows will attract attention and at the panorama behind them.

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