LADA Largus — the next mixed model of AVTOVAZ

LADA Largus - chergova mixed model of AVTOVAZ

LADA Largus – is a car built by Russian car industry has already done a lot of noise. Manufacturer talks about excellent dynamics, startling beauty of the body and so on, but the manufacturer modestly fails to mention that this impressive body and other bells and whistles have already been invented a little earlier. The manufacturer says that LADA Largus – a copy of the Dacia Logan. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the machine and ask yourself one question – who is better?

The positive qualities of LADA Largus

Let us now say a few words about the advantages car Lada Largus, that a few words, the more advantages you will find. It is very good that the machine is made for our roads, it has enough high clearance, so to catch the bottom will be difficult, the cost of the car a little less than her Western counterparts, that it seems all. Warm the soul in this machine, only that it is home-made, for the true patriot just manna from heaven.

Disadvantages of LADA Largus

Let’s start with the cons of the machine. If you look at the pictures of this monster, we can see meaningless lines of the body, still in the 21st century and the square the machine had to go far into the past, but in the mode are all present felt the awkwardness of the Lada. The car in picking «Lux» began to produce only recently, and before that there were only regular cars, which was a 8-valve engine, which for such a massive machine was clearly not enough. If the machine is loaded, the engine struggling to cope with the tasks, but a fast start from the crossroads there was nothing to think. Now there are some machine with 16 valve engine, and the situation has changed a bit.

Externally, Lada does not differ from Logan’s, just in front of the projection is slightly changed appearance of the lattice. But this is not all the cons that you can find in this car, for example, if you are a resident of the region, where snowy winters, then you will definitely face the problem of accumulation of snow above the door. The snow accumulated in my pocket over the door and be sure when you open the door drops into the interior of the car. Attempts to clean the snow brush not lead to a positive result, so in the winter your car will always be a puddle.

Tank cover is also pleased with the fact that there are no locks on the tank there, so if your car spends the night parked in the courtyard near the entrance, it may well be that in the morning you will be without gasoline. There are other troubles, which are located inside the cabin, for example, the control button heated seat, stick his hand between the seat and the door is sometimes very difficult, but to go about it, do not think there are problems with the placement of the driver’s seat, adjust it to properly reach the pedals very difficult. In short the downsides of the machine are many and to list them all we won’t, it can take a lot of time.

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