Lace — fashion trend summer 2013

Lace - fashion trend summer 2013

Lace in the summer of 2013 again came in fashion trend. Despite the General Association with retro-style and lace, this romantic decoration this summer has become very topical and trendy. Many famous fashion houses have included in their summer collection dresses and suits with lace. Not without laces and fashion accessories.


Femininity, sophistication and elegance – that’s what in fashion the summer of 2013. All this also applies to the laces. A woman who wears clothes with lace looks very elegant and seductive. It is so self-sufficient that does not require additional ornaments. For the same reason, you should be very careful with the lace and use it in clothing in large numbers, otherwise you risk to look vulgar.

Particularly relevant this summer womens dresses with lace. Literally a hundred years ago, lace could afford only very wealthy ladies because of the complexity of their creation and extremely high cost. Modern technologies allow to create a lace with a laser and thereby significantly reduced the price of its cost. Unlike expensive tape or Irish lace, are able to afford almost every woman. Go to any Internet store and you will find there are several dresses with lace that will perfectly complement your wardrobe.

Speaking of color, separately we want to highlight colored lace. They were the surprise of the season. Particularly relevant were the tan color and pastel shades. Also in fashion lace bright saturated colors:orange, bright red, lemon, blue, light blue, pink, emerald and yellow. Classic black lace, Nude and white also remain popular.

But lace dresses have become fashionable and accessories with lace. Also popular shorts and tops made of fabric which covers the top lace. Lace decorate even shoes. The lace motifs are used in the prints. As you can see, lace can be used anywhere and, if you have lying around in the attic of grandmother’s lace, then hurry to give them back the beautiful appearance and used in his summer suit!

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