Labour protection — how to protect yourself from injuries at work

How to protect yourself from injuries at work

With the concept «labour protection» is familiar to all who have reached working age, when the design work of each person in accordance with the labour code of the country is the safety. After all, even office workers are injured after falling from his chair. Occupational safety aims to develop the implementing regulations for safe working process, the preservation of life and human health. This study systematically examines the percentage of damage caused to health at work, trying to reduce the coefficient of influence, teaches not cause fires and electrical hazards. From the complex creates a comfortable, safe environment for the workflow.

Certification of labor protection

World figures say that every minute in the world dies 4 people at work from the industrial injury. To reduce the percentage of injuries will help the certification of labor protection. Constant recalls, the control of knowledge about security, checking their observance will help to test the preparedness and seriousness of the employee to perform duties. On the basis of legislation, the labour code, a person before commencing work must have a certificate that captures his awareness of safety. The certificate is issued after the end of classes and exams.

Certification of employees on labour protection is carried out regardless of position, seniority and other privileges of the person.

Top 10 most popular injuries in the workplace

This rating is based on the world of insurance companies.

  • Muscle overload: lifting and carrying heavy objects, pushing, throwing, holding objects of 42.1%.
  • Falling from height of own growth – 15%.
  • Injuries caused by objects dropped from above on employees – 9%.
  • The fall of workers from height is 8.6%.
  • Damages because of the awkward body position: crawling, bending, twisting and other of 7.2%.
  • Road traffic accident – 5%.
  • As a result of slipping on a wet floor areas, but without falling to 3.6%.
  • Injuries of limbs due to compression in the technical devices or other mechanical facilities is 3.5%.
  • The monotonous repetition of stereotyped movements and 3.1%.
  • Blows body parts on equipment – 2.9% of

Certification for the protection of workers increases the level of self-preservation, because people are aware of, and therefore cautious. Each profession has its time intervals to undergo re-certification in accordance with the law.

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