La Luna short film by Pixar

La Luna short film by Pixar 1

Animated short «La Luna» shot by world famous Studio Pixar. It was first presented to the public at the film festival Annecy International Film Festival, which was held in France from 6 to 11 June 2011. «La Luna» – very soulful and beautiful cartoon about the eternal theme of fathers and children. I am sure that it will appeal to all, even those who «grew up» from the cartoons and those who have not grown up adults.

La Luna short film by Pixar

«La Luna» is the debut film by Director Enrico Casarosa. The plot was based on his memories of his childhood, which took place on the seafront in Genoa. As recognized by the Director himself, this short film was created under the influence of «the Little Prince» by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and works of the prominent animators of our time, Hayao Miyazaki. In the cartoon «La Luna» plays the music of composer Michael Giacchino.

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