Kungur ice cave is a tourist attraction of the Urals

Kungur ice cave is a tourist attraction of the Urals

Ural is famous for its natural attractions, not only artificial, but natural, which is worth a visit. One of them is Kungur ice cave. There is a legend that in the 70-ies of the xvi century near the cave stood in the winter detachment of Ermak. Still there is a tradition that in different years in the caves of the caves found shelter the old believers were persecuted.

Kungur ice cave is located on the outskirts of Kungur, in the village of Filippovka. It is 100 km from Perm. The cave is very large, about 5700m. and to see all 58 of 70 caves and lakes in one day is almost impossible. Therefore, cavers and tourists who come to explore this unique geological monument, stop at the manor Bamovskaya manor-bamovskaya.of the Russian Federation. Here you can rent the necessary equipment and transport, as well as relax after a hike.

Scientists believe that Kungurskaya cave approximately twelve thousand years. It was formed in the place where before was the sea, but it became shallow due to uplift of the Ural mountains. The cave stretches for five and a half kilometers, but only a quarter of them is open and designed for fun.

All the grottos in the cave differ from each other and each has a name. Especially interesting is the temperature difference in different caves. This is due to the difference of ventilation, the presence of small cracks in the ground and the holes through which water and air enter into the grottoes.

The first grotto is called «the Diamond» – it consists of ice crystals. The crystals remain in this state all year round, as in the grotto permanently negative temperature. Next comes the grotto «Polar». Its main attraction is the stalagmites and stalactites, are also composed of ice. Followed by followed by grottos «Crypt» and «the Cross». They are named so for the finds discovered there is a small shelter made of stone, the cross and the icon. According to legend, they belonged to the old believers hermits who found refuge there.

Then there is a long stone corridor from which overlook to the grotto of the Ruins of Pompeii. It is also called because of the unusual arrangement of boulders. Thanks to the backlight installed in the grotto, from the vaults of shadows and if you look closely, you can see silhouettes of different animals and unusual fantasy creatures. In the grotto «Meteor», with a flashlight you can create the effect of a meteor in the night sky. And if briefly to switch off the light, immersed in total darkness.

Following the grotto «Coral», so called because of the unusual topography. Between him and «Central» grotto is the passage of «Women’s tears». According to legend, the cave was visited by a German Princess with my daughter. And when her daughter walked down the aisle, she tripped and hurt his knee, and shed many tears in this place.

The next feature of the grotto – «Titanic» – there is a large lake. The water is crystal clear and transparent. But there is no one living, except for microscopic crustaceans.

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