Kitchen interior in the style of hi-tech — meet the spirit of the time

Kitchen interior in the style of hi-tech - meet the spirit of the time

Kitchen interior in the style of hi-tech is ideal for the kitchen. The high-tech style is firmly entrenched not only in the exteriors of buildings, cars, but also in the interiors of our apartments. The kitchen space is no exception. Increasingly become of the line kitchen appliances, furniture, lighting and dining areas, as well as the concept of decoration that combine hyperfunctionality, minimalism and conciseness, what are the main characteristics of high-tech.

When purchasing, we often pay attention to equipment with low power consumption — save money and preserve the environment. So we long ago buy energy-saving led, and now fluorescent lamps with low power consumption. In most apartments, find refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers with energy efficiency class A++. Popular materials from recycled raw materials, under the sign of «Eco».

The modern kitchen isfully executed in the spirit of high-tech, can become in a row, even with high-end sports car.

Kitchen appliances and accessories in the style of hi-tech

Hi-tech brings to our kitchen, more and more additional equipment. In addition to our usual dishwashers and coffee machines this lattice for a grill, the equipment to freeze ice and a vending machine for popcorn, and wine cooler.

Increasingly, there are «smart» cars with built-in computer. Many devices allow you to control them from your smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your sofa.

Nice additions to the kitchen in style hi-tech will be sets of knives, shelves and containers for storage, a second sink, modern faucet with a sprayer.

The original interior of the kitchen in style hi-tech

Kitchen in high-tech style is a combination of multifunctional equipment, a large free space and light, the simplicity and conciseness of the items. This will visually enlarge the space, even the smallest of kitchens. This will help hanging shelves, abundant overhead lighting, large Windows, sleek finishes, built-in appliances, purchasing pieces of furniture with the features layout. Buying furniture for kitchen to order, you can be left to chance. There is a combination of surfaces for cooking and a dining area, a tiered arrangement of integrated appliances in one box. Popular use of bar counters and chairs, they raise the level of the floor, and the room seem higher.

Minimalism eliminates napisany decor. Dominated by straight lines, the correct geometry of the furniture, one or more matching flowers in the decoration without ornaments and patterns, built-in appliances blends with the color of the cabinets. Materials dominated by glass, stainless steel. Glass, regular or tinted, is applied in the facades of the cabinets and countertops, tempered glass is gaining popularity as a backsplash in the kitchen. Printing on tempered glass apron will appropriate part of the decor in a monochromatic kitchen.

In such a state of the art kitchen will want to not only cook, but also to live. Large cooking area will allow to do it. Complementing this kitchen is a bright spot in the form of a sofa or chair, sliding partition, local lighting source or TV-stand, to delineate zones, but retaining a single style, in this room, you can be happy spending time.

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