Kitchen interior design – breaking the stereotypes

Kitchen interior design – breaking the stereotypes

The interior of the kitchen like no other open to novelties. This applies both to the design, technology, colors, interesting solutions and innovative look at household items and interior. Particularly interesting forms and types of appliances. What can surprise us manufacturers of such devices?

Unusual shape in the interior

For quite a long time, many manufacturers of kitchen appliances are experimenting with the balance between the form and functionality of their devices. Such novelties can be not only an interesting decoration of the kitchen, but often the ideal solution, allowing you to perfectly fill a particular segment of the problem space in the interior.

Rectangular cooking surface of a new generation, both electric and gas, different random arrangement of the heating elements, which allows their use even in kitchens that do not have enough space for deep countertops, which is necessary when using standard models.

Cooking surface, in which heating elements are arranged in one line, turned out to be a boon for some small kitchens. Corner stove – another step towards the successful development of a perspective angle in the kitchen. Models of this type is quite diverse. Thanks to the original location of the burners the entire surface of the corner is used, and access to guns much more freely. Such solutions can be found in the kitchen furniture company Evroprestizh and other progressive manufacturers.

The modern market increasingly happy with new, different, unusual and interesting shape that attracts fans of non-standard interior. In particular, the model cooking surface similar in shape to the kidney, is the subject of sustained interest.

Different forms of washes and also equipped with different additional devices such as garbage disposal, also allows you to add convenient variety to your kitchen interior.

The world of modern hoods and capable of great miracles. Hoodsthat are firmly in Vogue in modern kitchens, are more like the periscope of a submarine than the archaic trumpet with a fan, which was used by Housewives not so long ago.

For fans of minimalism specifically designed ceiling hoods, which are almost imperceptible. Alternatively offers various models of built-in hoods, pull out unit which is visible only in the cooking process.

And for fans of continuous residence on the Internet, fans of different online broadcasts and talk face to face via the web, some manufacturers offer hoods with the integrated screen and the ability to connect to the computer.

Interesting idea of the fashion development of the kitchen space can be called refrigerators that implement the concept of Side-by-Side. Externally, they resemble futuristic double wardrobe than a refrigerator. However, their capabilities for storing different products cause regular envy the owners of small kitchens that can’t afford such bulky and rather expensive equipment.

Unusual shapes can also boast small appliances such as coffee maker or a toaster in the shape of a person or character from a fairy tale.


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