Kitchen in country style — romanticism in your house

Kitchen in country style - romanticism in your house

Kitchen in country style will add romanticism to your home. Country is a rustic style came to us from America. Gradually it began to be applied everywhere. In our dynamic time country music is popular because it symbolizes the quiet life, home coziness and harmony with nature. The interior of this style characterizes the purity and naturalness. At the beginning of the country was distinguished by the rudeness of the forms, but now has transformed and has acquired a special grace.

Colors of country style

When creating a kitchen interior in a country style , you need to choose muted shades among colors, and when finishing the use of natural materials or quality imitation. As a floor coating apply natural stone or wood. Furniture and elements of interior made of natural wood. White ceiling and beams ornamental wood accentuate the authenticity of your interior. The metal used is dark in color with a specially rough forging work.

Wall surfaces usually bulatsa, plastered or pasted Wallpaper coverings from a discreet color palette with the presence of flowers or high quality imitation fabric.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture style country gets rough wooden necessarily, has a matte surface or wicker. Are ideal for this style of kitchen antique. The scenery, looking good wicker baskets of different shapes and statues related to handmade braids of garlic and onions.

Material for curtains, pillows, upholstery is applied as a rule, natural, and has a characteristic color and pattern.

When the design of the kitchen in country style, you must be careful with materials. Natural textiles and designs of wood doesn’t really go with the style. In addition to high prices of wood and natural origin of the fabric is too absorb all the flavors of the cuisine. Therefore, it would be wise to abandon this kind of decoration of this room. A great alternative to wood is to use MDF. In fact, there are now a number of MDF panels with drawings, only need to choose the right texture that perfectly simulates the fibers of a tree.

But appliances need to disguise or to take advantage of this option as decoration under the tree and other materials which have the natural origin.

The desire to combine the past and the present may not be feasible, but if it does succeed, then this kitchen will definitely become your beloved place in the house. Its environment and pleasant atmosphere will surely relax you and make it really intimate conversations.

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